Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making a Silk Purse Out of a Sow's Ear

Or perhaps, a decorative pillow out of an old skirt.

But, back to the beginning....

My wrist is feeling so much better my creative juices are running again.  And, as I have purposed not to knit or crochet until after the first of the year. I need something to do.  Otherwise I find myself aimlessly wandering around the house, putting dishes in the dishwasher or folding the laundry. 

For those of you who are wondering when any aimlessness happens with Zane in the house.  He isn't ALWAYS in the house.  I usually get some time on Thursday afternoons.  And he IS learning to play with toys for a few minutes at a time instead of opening the deck door to let the cat in every two minutes. (It's every 10 minuties now.)  And if anyone can tell me how to lock, block off, or otherwise render inaccessible, the french doors off the deck, with an easily turned dead bolt, and serpentine handle (I wonder what those are really called?)  He unlocks both, and moves or turns over chairs. And the cats are entirely too willing to come in and taste the cinnamon rolls cooling on my counters.  (I wasn't home when THAT happened, I'll have you know.)

But, I digress,

We spent Thanksgiving Day at my brother's house in Texas.  My sister in law is in the business of buying new and good quality used things and selling them on ebay and other resale outlets in her area.  She had a bunch of clothes that weren't salable for one reason or other, so the girls and I sorted through them.  I didn't have any luck since everything in her pile was sized small, and I'm not going to see small anytime this century. But, there was this cute skirt, made out of what looked like a mauve crocheted table cloth.  I don't think I would ever wear anything like it out in public but I was drooling over the crocheting.  I just couldn't leave it behind.  I thought surely I could do SOMETHING with it.

So, I did.

Gorgeous color and pattern.

So, now to put a skirt on a pillow, the quick and easy way.

Take an old pillow.

And a small skirt.

Put the pillow in the skirt.

Fold under the waistband and sew down.

This skirt had a lining, which I also tacked down.

Then I just took a running stitch across the other end.

And.... the finished product. 

The whole reason for putting some color on my bed, is the new comforter on there.  After having this beautiful quilt on my bed for 23 1/2 years.....

Our bedroom looked incredibly plain.  So, until I can think of something else, because our bed needs a new dust ruffle as well, I'm enjoying the little bit of color it adds to my new comforter.

My grandmother made this quilt and it is starting to wear out, so I will use it more gently for a few more years.


The J's said...

It looks great! And I didn't realize the other day when we were there that it had been a skirt! Guess I missed that part of it. You did good :)
Love the "old" saying too!

For the deck doors....have Jim put a lock up on the top of the doors- From the door, up into the frame.

Raimie said...

Dear Getting Handy,
Glad you are feeling better! Great way to use such a LOVELY piece of fabric... I think EVERYTHING in my house would be made from unconventional items, repurposed into new usable things IF I had the patience to hunt them down and recreate them every time I needed something! I guess a person needs things to wish for, huh?

Recycling Rai in NE

gkey said...

dear Re-cushioned in style,

Very well done!
It is one of my favorite pass-times to see what I can re-purpose out of something. Most recently used some big cloth napkins to make covers for 2 throw pillows. It was about as easy and slick as what you did here.

Creative thinking 'outside the box'