Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stars on Ice

I have a little girl, who is not so little anymore who loves to ice skate.  She has a mother who loves to ice skate.  My girl wishes she could skate even a little bit like the olympic skaters, and I wished I could, too.  So, when Lynette decided that ALL she wanted for her 15th birthday was a trip to see Stars on Ice, we decided to see if we could make it work.  So, we began to plan.  A big show like Stars on Ice, doesn't come to very many places in the US, and the closest show was in St. Paul, Minnesota, 9 hours away, in March.  It helped a great deal to have a sister in law in that area, and could help guide us in and out and around. 

So, we bought tickets. 

And we bought good ones, too.  This could very well be, a once in a lifetime experience, and we wanted to have good seats.  The only better ones were on the ice.  We were in the 6th row from the bottom, in the middle of the rink. 

I don't like to put too much emphasis on that it is such a great thing to go and see people that are famous.  But, it did seem rather exciitng to see people that can skate so well, they won at the Olympics.  They must be pretty good at what they do.  In order to skate in a Stars on Ice program, skaters don't necessarily have to by Olympic winners but winners at US or World Championships.  WE go to watch them, because we wanted to see good skating.  And these people are among the best.

Ekaterina Gordeeva

Lynette has taken some figure skating lessons, and being interested in it read a few books on the sport and various figure skaters last summer.  She read about Ekaterina and Sergei Grinkov, which is one of the greatest pair skaters ever.  So, it was fun to see her.  (Sergei has died.)

Sasha Cohen

I really got better pictures than I expected, with my little point and shoot camera.   I used the zoom in and sports feature, which helped.  But, most of the time I was just lucky.   I tried to get some of the different forms or whatever they are called to prove we saw them, and so Lynette could remember what she saw.  So, some of the photos are good and some are not.

Jamie Sale and David Pelletier

Evan Lysacek

50's Dance Number

It's all over.

I wish I could have a picture of Lynette's eager waiting as the skaters were ready to come out and the rapt expression on her face as the performance started.  But some things are not to be.  It was too dark, and flash is not allowed, and likely wouldn't make a good photograph. 

And when we were all done and picked up by my sister in law, Lynette says, "I want to go again, next year."


Lynisha said...

How FUN!!! Kyrie is VERY intrigued by ice skating and is DYING to see a Disney on Ice show sometime! I'm sure she would have 'settled' to see something like this! LOL!

Judy Cronk said...

What a very neat birthday present!

The J's said...

How fun to see your post about this! I love watching skating, it is just amazing!

Njos Family said...

Oh my word, I'm jealous. What a lucky girl you have. I too followed up on Ekaterina Gordeeva for a while after her husband died. What a fun time for all of you.

janis said...

Awesome - I love skating too! Unfortunately hockey is the only skating I've got to see recently...
I shouldn't say "unfortunately" - I love to watch my kids in whatever they do. Anyway what great memories for you and Lynette!