Thursday, September 22, 2016


I can't blog on Tuesdays right now.
I'm not sure I can even blog on Wednesdays.
I mean I can't even keep up with the pictures I take.
These are from a 'boy day' two weeks ago.

On a more current note, Zane is pretty pleased he is allowed to drive the 4-wheeler by himself.
(Papa is on behind.)

My folks were here for a visit so there were photos.

They didn't turn out very good.  This is what happens when you have active little boys. 

The honoree of the occasion. 

And a later photo from her mama.

What big eyes you have!

Friday, September 16, 2016

More Paislee

Today is not Tuesday.  It isn't even close.  
It's Friday.  
I've been busy this week.  The garden is overproducing, and I need to quit even if the garden doesn't.  My jars are full and my freezer is full.  
This looking after boys on Tuesdays really tires me out.
I've been to a special 4 day event, I've had impromptu overnight company and I have company again.
I'm not tired of the company even if I'm tired of the garden.  

Here are a few photos from the last two weeks.  

Christian--all by himself in the morning while the boys are at school


Lynette is starting clinicals.  One very cold day the group spent it doing blood pressure and skin checks on passers by at Husker Harvest Days. 

Paislee again

Three rambunctious grandsons don't like to sit still for a picture. We took too many for their taste as they were required to take one with Papa and with great-grandparents and by themselves.  
Poor kids. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 26th, 27th, and 28th

I forgot to blog Tuesday.  I didn't even think about it on Wednesday.  
I was busy.  
Tuesday isn't going to be a good day to blog since I spend time and energy looking after little boys.  
Wednesday, I made pickles, and zucchini bread.  
A lot of zucchini bread (8 loaves) and 11 quarts of pickles.  
Tuesday isn't going to work as a blogging day.  And it is very unlikely I will blog next week at all since Tuesday is full and Wednesday starts a very special trip out of town.  

Last week was a special week.  
Lynette participated in the 'white-coat' ceremony which introduces new nursing students into their nursing program.  I did a minimal amount of research and it is a common ceremony among other health science students.  
I am guessing it replaces the white cap ceremony because caps became annoying and obsolete as more male students became nurses.  

That was Friday, August 26th.

August 27th was Barry's birthday.  We had a party the week before and all those photos are still on the camera that in order to get those photos on to the computer I would have to get up and go get the cord. 
This was taken by his folks, on the day, in his favorite restaurant.   

August 28th, a visit to see Paislee, 

And from last week....