Thursday, September 22, 2016


I can't blog on Tuesdays right now.
I'm not sure I can even blog on Wednesdays.
I mean I can't even keep up with the pictures I take.
These are from a 'boy day' two weeks ago.

On a more current note, Zane is pretty pleased he is allowed to drive the 4-wheeler by himself.
(Papa is on behind.)

My folks were here for a visit so there were photos.

They didn't turn out very good.  This is what happens when you have active little boys. 

The honoree of the occasion. 

And a later photo from her mama.

What big eyes you have!


Gramma's Corner said...

Lorene said: "So cute! What a bunch of monkeys is right."

Renee said...

We don't care what day you blog, just don't quit blogging!