Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Last Post --

of 2017

Early in December we went to the boys School Concert.  The Pre-K class had been practicing three carols since mid-November and they could really sing!  They did so well, it was hard to believe these were 4 and 5-year olds singing.  The K-3rd grades performed a short musical about ... something having to do with Santa Claus.  Zane had a speaking part.  He is well up to that.  

                               Boys on Stage                                                    Sunset December 28

                     Dipped Cookies

It's the missing pieces that teach us what is the most important.

Take time to enjoy the little things. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Happy Birthday, Zane!

Our Zane is 9 years old.  It hardly seems possible that nine years ago he came into the world a tiny baby and now is an extremely competent kid.  He is rapidly turning into the kind of kid that likes to spend time with his friends.  So, it isn't surprising that he spent the time before supper playing video games with his friend, Levi. 

He wanted one of these stackable little TY toys, the other boys have them and money to buy Pokemon cards, so he got the snowy and money from Gramma and Papa for a gift.  He didn't use the money for cards, though.  He bought a Hatchimal and some other toys that are all the rage right now.  

On a side note--three boys with Auntie Lily, Christian must have just woken up from his beauty nap.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Sore Thumb

 Yesterday Jim made our last prime rib on the grill, using the rotisserie.  It turned out perfectly.  He followed the directions of somebody-or-other on YouTube and watching the temperature of the grill and the meat very carefully, got a perfect result.  He ate a huge amount of it.  Anthony restrained himself a bit because he wanted to save room for the pecan pie I made.  That was a first, and not having ever made one before, I over-baked it bit and the top seemed rather crunchy.  However, Anthony said the middle was perfect and he and Jim ate half the pie.  Lynette liked it too.  I don’t know now if I should use the recipe I used, or the one from Pioneer Woman who has different proportions of sugar and corn syrup, but seems easier to make, not having to cook the butter and sugar together first.  Lynette and Anthony stayed most of the afternoon until Lynette got tired of holding up to her still aching jaw and left.  We played Sequence and 5 Crowns, and then Jim and Anthony got out ALL the John Deere puzzles and chose and started on one.  Lynette and I have discovered we are no good at puzzles.  I can do pretty well if I spend a lot of time studying the picture and then the pieces.  Then, I will start looking for a piece and if I’m lucky I will remember what I’m looking for by the time I’ve gone through all the trays of pieces.  Usually, I get distracted by some unique feature of a piece and I’m off looking for it’s place in the puzzle.  And then, when some easy part is being worked on and I conceivably might be able to put some pieces in, by the time I get my eye on a piece, Jim will snatch it up and put it in and then I have to begin the agonizingly long process all over again.  It is very discouraging.  Anyway, the gist of the matter is, that Lynette is equally as frustrated trying to work on a puzzle with Anthony.  Anthony is a bit speedier than Jim.  I’m assuming it’s because his brain is some younger.

We got 4” of snow Sunday and a couple more in the night.  Jim tested our “new” cream colored Buick Enclave and the all-wheel-drive does quite well on snow-packed roads. 

A week ago, the 18th to be exact, Lynette was scheduled to have her wisdom teeth out first thing Monday morning, so I had to drive the loaner black Dodge Journey, 2015 since the Buick had to have the struts replaced before we could take it home.  We made our decision in favor of the Enclave on Saturday afternoon and what we figured was a couple days repair turned out to be a week with a loaner.  The whole reason for the new car or whatever these style of things are called, started on Thursday morning when I was on my way to visit Rod and Deb who live not far from my folk's home where I had been staying a few days since my brothers were there. I planned to spend the night with another friends but she left Wednesday post-haste because her mother was worse.  Twenty miles from my destination I was blithely cruising along in my beloved PT, when the engine revved up hard on a particularly steep hill and I heard and felt something go "snap". I was able to go on, so I took it off cruise, but when the speedometer started to flop all over the place I pulled off the road to take a deep breath and call Jim.  I didn’t get through the first time, and tried to move the car, but it wouldn’t.  I called my friend and she was soon on the way to get me, and not long after Jim was putting things in order to haul a trailer up there to take me and car home.  He and Rod agreed it sounded like the transmission.  So, Deb and I had lunch, then went to see one of her friend's fabric supply and various bags she has been sewing.  Then we all met in Norfolk, Jim having left the pickup, trailer and car on a side road. After Rod and Deb did some new vehicle shopping, we had supper at Perkins. 

 So, Lynette and I had to go to the dentist's office in the loaner and as I got out I slammed my thumb in the door.  It was a very odd feeling to look up and see my thumb stuck in the door. For a millisecond I thought, “what now?”, but thankfully reason set it and I opened the door, got out one of the ice packs that was keeping the ice cream Lynette was bringing along, cold. So, while she took care of the preliminaries, I was feeling very sorry for myself and icing my bloody thumb.  By the time she was done, the ice and ibuprofen had taken effect and I felt some better.  It is much better now, but I am very careful with it as it will hurt with more than the lightest touch.  I missed the nail.  The bulk of the injury is just below the nail. You've heard the expression, "sticks out like a sore thumb?" That's the way it's been all week.

I didn't include a photo of my thumb.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

 Most of the time we are eating Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  We have plenty of room, and much of the dinner comes from our garden.  
This `post has rather a picture overload, but it was such a good day both inside and out.
Everyone was happy, and our place looks so nice. 
This is our family at our home. 

Spinning the football.

Not looking.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Let's Finish November (Except Thanksgiving)

I bought a new camera.  My other cameras which belonged to other people long ago are not living up to my expectations and also losing battery power at an alarming rate.
I'm not really sure about this one, because in taking pictures of Paislee who doesn't move as quickly as a bunch of boys I know I still got some fuzzies.  I hope it is because I don't know what I'm doing not because of the camera.  I spent enough money on the thing; it better work!

First attempts

Every kid that comes to this house has to try out the piano. 

I love this sweater!

It's rather amazing how cluttering the kitchen looks when viewed through the lens of a camera.

I love the sunrise, but I had to adjust the color on this photo in spite of the new camera.

Have I ever mentioned that I have the best grandson's ever?
I must be doing something right, because they like me too.
This card, executed by Zane with Barry's approval, (the dollar was his), and I'm supposing Christian was in on the secret, was started when I was there.  I was admonished not to look.  All I saw was a quantity of brown paper waving about.

This is what I received.  It melts my heart.

What big eyes you have?

Jim went deer hunting again this year.  He harvested three deer.  Two doe on a river permit and a buck on his landowner's permit.  
We are eating deer this winter. 

Lynette was inducted into the nursing honor society this month.  It has a fancy Greek name that I have no idea what it is right now.  She has worked very hard to be in the top 30% of her class.

And to end the month. 
Keep on keeping on.