Saturday, April 22, 2017

Home Is Where The Family Gathers

 Sunday we had a family dinner.  
We have family dinners every once it a while, but this time since it was Easter, everyone was dressed up and Lorene commandeered the picture taking.  
We haven't had anything resembling a family photo for a very long time.  Since we had no way of taking pictures with a remote trigger we settled with these two poses and I like what we got. 

I like this one, too.  You can see who is the star of the show.

It was a perfect day, weather-wise and people-wise. Not too cold, not to hot, beautiful sunshine and no wind.  

We did enjoy a few inside things as well. 

New chicks!!

Pretty Paislee

All the Grands.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Memories--Making New Ones, Visiting Old Ones

Paislee Photo of the Week

I know I've done a post about this doll house before.
These are better photos because I am in it.  Ha!
The lighting is better since they are taken in Lorene's house upstairs where there was plenty of light.  
I loved this Barbie doll house.  
I still do, obviously, because I am still taking photos of it.
I love it because my dad built it.  
I love it because I watched my dad build it.  
I love it because in it's original state it, it was made with painstaking care.  It is in good shape considering the third generation is playing with it now.  The doors have hinges and door knobs.
There are clothes rods in the closets.  Each room is painted and carpeted in different colors. When Dad made it the windows had panes and thin plastic 'glass'.  
That lasted until my kids played with it. 
Lorene was the one who played with the Barbie dolls and for many years a new Barbie doll set was her birthday present so there is about every household item you can think of to play with.
Some of the things are left over from my Barbie days, but not very many.  
I think these boys have the most fun in setting up the house.   
I like to see them playing with it.  

The photos are for me.

Back door.

Front door.

We celebrated Jim's birthday a couple of days early.  My folks came to visit.  We had Nathan's family over for lunch and we went to Lorene's for supper.  

Great Grandma

These feet are made for walking!  
It won't be long now. 

Paislee is chewing away on things, but no sign of teeth yet.  
Nathan didn't get teeth until he was 10 months old or so. 

Happy Birthday!

And we have new chicks. 

Friday, April 7, 2017


It was windy again today.  I didn't realize just how windy until I went outside to hang clothes on the line.  It was one of those days where the clothes will dry quickly and if left too long will go visit the neighbors.  
I had a busy morning wasting a good deal of time and then had second breakfast, got some work done and had lunch when Jim came home and we started to make plans to go to Omaha to pick up a pickup we have for sale up there that is not selling.  
That was 1:00 and in order to be there before closing it meant putting aside my going to town plans and I ran to bring in the mostly dry clothes from the line since I didn't think it was a good idea to leave them for 6 + hours.  
We didn't go, however, since the company that is trying to sell it for us is going to bring it closer to home and we'll let them try one more time.  
So, I had to go to town after all.  Friday is normally my 'buy groceries day' and I had my lists and my order of stops, and I forgot to buy salt.  Grrrr.

This last week wasn't quite like all the other weeks in one respect.  
I am still cleaning out rooms and closets. I'm still knitting and cooking and washing clothes and cleaning house and all that.  
The only thing really different is that I didn't go to Lorene's on Wednesday.  She didn't have class.  I was there on Tuesday.  I spent Wednesday finishing up the guest room and went on to the clean up the house mode, when Jim texted at 4:30 that company was coming for supper and might stay the night.  Most nights I have meals planned for two people only so I had to think fast.  
With hamburger in the freezer and potatoes under the sink and lettuce in the fridge, I got supper on in record time only to find out that Jim told our company 6:30 instead of 6 so I had time to play the piano while we waited.  
I also had to run downstairs and make up the beds in the guest room down there 'just in case', because that was an important spot in a mad game of hide and seek in which the participants ranged in age from 3 years to 23.  

Then on Thursday, I took the boys to school because Lorene was due to have her car repaired at 8 am.  I came back home to see to a sick Lynette hoping against hope that I wouldn't have to go back and get Barry.  I did.  And then since first the shop said they couldn't do the repair that day and Lorene went shopping, they said they COULD do the repair and she didn't get home until 4!  
It was a nice day and Barry and I spent the afternoon outside swinging and killing the first flies of summer.  Then, we walked to the 'biking hill', and Barry rode down the hill, and stomped spruce cones and picked up pretty rocks until time to get Zane from school.
Zane was rather dismayed to find he had to walk home.  He was more worried about 'not having enough time to show me his new video game'.  

Breaking Paislee in early on the bike. 

What big eyes you have! 

We had a tree burning party as the first step to tidying up the place for a summer wedding.  
Now if the wind will just stop blowing branches down.  

Jim didn't work Thursday afternoon a week ago, and not on Friday either.  So, it felt like we had three Saturdays in a row.  Jim didn't help matters by trying to trick me on Friday into thinking 
it really was Saturday.
On our fridge. 

Today's note says, "The Kleeb Alzheimer Unit, where confusion is normal."
I was going to write something else, but I can't remember what it was. 

Quotes for the week.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

At Home

Once upon a time, I was young, blonde and unwrinkled.  
However, in those days I did not have grandchildren to take bad photos of me.  
That makes middle age, gray hair and wrinkles worth it. 
My mom never liked to have photos taken of herself.  I don't think she liked the way she looked.  
I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  
Even when you don't look through the eyes of child-love, she was very pretty.  
We need a few photos of ourselves and those we love, because the remembrance is sweet.
I'm not fond of photos taken in my house because we seem to only take them when there are extras and that means lots of people and lots of mess.  
It really isn't a mess on this day, except maybe on the floor since boys are here, but the things sitting around are favorite things, things I like to look at.  
I have a blackboard on the door, a day book by the phone, Pioneer Woman pretties on the bar.  There are books behind the easel that holds a memory book of my grandparents and near me is a puzzle tray.  Jim and I are filling the last evenings of the chilly weather puzzling. 
You cannot see the plant among the napkins, salt & pepper shakers, and daily meds on the table.
You can't see the knitting on the floor and couch with the laptop nearby.  
There is no longer, except when the boys are there, toys all over the floor and the sound of childish voices in the air.  
Those days were good days and these days are good days.
I enjoy less mess, but I'm just as busy.  

Once upon another time, about 12 years ago, Lynette belonged to a craft club and every month she got a new craft to do.  
One craft was this cute button decorated journal.  Lynette being inflicted with the same mentality that I have, and not wanting to use it for just any old thing, it was never used.  
Eventually it ended up my property and I made it into a little journal using quotes I saved from some of my favorite books.  

I love this little book and I love these quotes. 
These are just the first three pages.
I chose them because they express my thought, ideas and feelings.