Thursday, May 18, 2017

Birthdays Mean Family

Mother's Day has come and gone. I got some nice gifts and my dishes done for me by my very kind husband.  That was my kind of gift.  I found utensils in some strange places for the next few days, but that's a small price to pay for a couple of dishwasher empties.  

Some woman came to the nursing home where Lorene works with an enormous basket full of hydrangeas left over from a wedding.  After giving each resident some, and make bouquets for the various offices, she had some to bring home and some for me. 
I didn't realize hydrangeas were so beautiful.  They are so big and full and massed in this vase are giving me a great deal of pleasure.  

Monday, Lorene had some paper work to do in relation to her new job so she brought Christian in with her so he could hang out with me for an hour before we went back to pick up Barry from Pre-K.  He always wants me to play games, but this time I was filling out a very important form for the government with dire threats if I didn't fill it out promptly and truthfully.  
So he had to entertain himself until time to go.  
It was the elementary school play day for all except those in Pre-K, so we went home after we picked up Barry to gather some "lunch" and went to the park.  The classes were at lunch, and we didn't see Zane right away, so we sat down and ate our cheese and Doritos, (we were hungry) and then went to find Zane.  He was so happy to see us he gave me his lunch box to hold and immediately traded his Gatorade for Barry's pop. Then he and Barry proceeded to find friends and chase around and climb the back of the bleachers while Christian wandered around with me.  In a bit all the classes were gathered for more organized play and I took the other two boys to the play set and tried to watch what Zane was doing.  The boys were tired of watching and playing and we went back so I could go home, but not before I got to see Zane drop kick a football, and do it very well, too. 
It looks like Lorene took them back after while. 

Tuesday Christian turned 4.  It is hard to imagine since he seems just the same as he did the day before.  They grow so slowly into bigger boys that it sneaks up on me. 

Our gift, just what he wanted. We also bought a bike helmet for his new pedal-less bike. 

Paislee is very close to walking and her greatest entertainment is having some one help. That is, if she can't dig rocks out of the cracks in the concrete.  Pretty good small motor skills there. 

On our way home, we drove through a ferocious wind, with the air so full of dust from just planted fields, it felt like we were driving through fog.  We were expecting rain, but there was none, By the time we got home the air was clear and the wind had lessened.  

We got rain Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, an inch and a half.  Jim is out slogging in the mud trying to get some work done in spite of the weather.  We don't want to get too far behind.  

I got a glimpse of Paislee on Wednesday since Lorene was babysitting for the day.  

I really need a new camera.  None of mine can take good photos in motion, and all I want to take pictures of is kids. 

I love to see the grandkids play with the toys my own children used. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Boy Weekend

I've been busy.  Busy enough that I haven't felt like blogging.  So busy that I'm not going to remember everything that happened in the last two weeks.  There are photos here that will help to tell the story.  

Paislee can stand by herself,  They were here last week, and she crawled all over and pulled herself up on things, but she didn't show this to us that night. 

We're reusing the high chair that started with Zane.  

She's one smart cookie.  Although, I think they all are at that age.  They know a whole lot more than you think. I have my first baby doll sitting in our living room and when Paislee saw it she took after it and like all 9 month olds, proceeded to pull it around and poke it's eyes.  Nathan thought she should leave it alone, so he laid down in front of it to hide it from view.  
Like THAT'S going to work.  If you look closely at the bottom photo, in the corner by the basket and bookcase, is the doll before Paislee noticed.  As Nathan was lying there, she crawled between the piano and bench and around his feet to get to the doll!

It was Christian's turn to stay with us overnight.  This over-nighter was a carbon copy of Barry's  the week before, except for the fact that we dealing with a 3 almost 4 year old and one that is Gramma's boy more than Papa's.
He loves his stuffed animals.  These are his favorite right now, and at bedtime, they were nowhere to be found.  He had them inside and out, upstairs and down.  Jim even went out in the dark to look around, after we scoured the inside of the house.  Luckily, gramma has special animals, and he went to bed and back home again without these.  I asked Lynette the next day, if she had any idea where he could have put them and she did!  While she was here, he mentioned putting them behind the curtains, and when I went to look, there they were.  
The case was closed.  

3 year old photographer.

It was windy this time when we went to feed the fish, and the fish weren't at home. 

Christian wasn't too sure about the giant buffalo at the Archway. Barry wouldn't let me take a picture. 

The good news.
Four and a half years since treatment and a clear report on Thursday. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017


The calendar says spring, but the weather says winter.  
I had two Saturdays this week.  We had a day of rain and snow on Friday so Jim didn't go to work.  
It feels like Saturday when he is working around our place.  
Fridays are usually good days for me, too.  I've recovered from my two days of chasing boys around and I'm ready to get at my projects, which often consist of catching up what needs to be done.  
I am deep cleaning a little each week as I go along and I'm in the kitchen now.  I'm half done I think.  
The regular school year is nearly over and I'm down to one day a week with the boys.  
There is summer work for Lorene coming up, but we will work that out when we know more. 

Christian knows that I'm much more inclined to give snacks when a tea party is involved.  Our little packs of muffins contained only 4.  We have to have separate tea pots for some reason.  

Earlier this week it was spring and we had Barry overnight on Saturday.  
He helped and/or played around Jim for most of that beautiful, just warm enough, windless day.  The picked up twigs and branches, mowed, and worked on the barn.  
When Jim was gone for a bit, Barry and I deadheaded daffodils and dug rocks out of the driveway for the flower bed by the shop.  
He is indefatigable and I was stove up in the back for half the next week.  
My plan with grandchildren is to really wear them out.  They go to sleep so much easier. 
At the end of the day we burnt those branches and a few marshmallows.  
Jim is willing to take a long time to toast the ones he eats to a perfect light brown with a gooey middle.

It's a tradition to go out to Sunday lunch at Burger King where there are always a few kids to play with on the play set.  There wasn't as much playing this time because all the kids were enthralled to see the fire truck come to put out the fire in the trash bins.  
I see it is a good idea to have the bins in a nice brick enclosed area away from the building. 

Barry then chose to go out to the Archway and feed the fish.  I allotted the whopping sum of $2 to buy the food.  There wasn't a whole roiling mass of fish this time, but the ones that came were big with big mouths.  We walked around a bit.  It's a lovely place to enjoy. 

Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower.  I should say one of my favorites since my daffys are my favorite, and my dutch iris, and my woodland phlox, and my....
well, you get the idea.

Mom had loads of these growing in the shady spots by our house.  I loved their tiny crispness, their beautiful smell.  We used to take May Day bouquets to our teachers when I was little and one year the lilies were ready on the first of May.  I don't remember them blooming that early ever then.  

This year, I have a new record, April 22nd.
Of course, we are just enough south of home to be on the north edge of the next planting zone. 

1. White coral bells
Upon a slender stalk,
Lilies of the valley deck my garden walk.
2. Oh don’t you wish
That you could hear them ring?
That will happen only when the angels sing.

Tulips and Woodland Phlox

Random stolen shots of boys with Paislee

And then it was winter. 
This is the latest snow I remember that lasted long enough to get a photo.
April 28th

We are looking forward to warmer sunny days next week. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Home Is Where The Family Gathers

 Sunday we had a family dinner.  
We have family dinners every once it a while, but this time since it was Easter, everyone was dressed up and Lorene commandeered the picture taking.  
We haven't had anything resembling a family photo for a very long time.  Since we had no way of taking pictures with a remote trigger we settled with these two poses and I like what we got. 

I like this one, too.  You can see who is the star of the show.

It was a perfect day, weather-wise and people-wise. Not too cold, not to hot, beautiful sunshine and no wind.  

We did enjoy a few inside things as well. 

New chicks!!

Pretty Paislee

All the Grands.