Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Hair

Here it is again, time for the hair of the month.  I decided to comb my bangs down over my forehead so I could see how long they were getting.  It really makes my little old lady hair, don't you think?

Too bad I didn't think about wearing something classier than my jammies and robe.  
You know, if you remember to keep your chin up when someone takes your picture, the wrinkles on your neck don't look so bad.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Read the Word...

I have a new Bible.  The one I have been using, which I fell heir to when I married 26 1/2 years ago, is falling apart.  
Literally.  The pages are ragged and loose.  It is full of pencil marks and notes. It has seen me through marriage, babies, children, teens, sickness, death, health, good days, and bad
It has been knocked off my lap, whole books torn out by little hands. 
 I don't want a new one, this one feels so nice in my hands, it is well worn, and has seen me through so much.  

I know my new Bible reads the same as my other one.  It's the same Bible, just newer.  I know I will love it just as well when it gets broken in.  But, it is hard to get rid of something that has been a part of my every days life for so long. 
I want my new one to finish with me.  
And, I want to read it without picking pages off the floor, and guessing the letters that have worn off the edges.  
It's just hard to make the change.

Friday, October 4, 2013

My Husband is Nuts...

...about tractors,
old tractors,
to be exact, old John Deere tractors.
Especially this one, which is like the first brand new tractor his father bought.
Sadly, his wife is rather nuts, too.  She likes them as well, and didn't have any fits when he bought it without telling her. 
We were in luck, the price was right.  

So, here it is.  It needs work, but that will come. 
Not this year, maybe not even next year. 
But, sometime, it will be bright green again.