Friday, March 17, 2017

Energy Strike

Once upon a time I had lots of energy and didn't use it.  
Now, I have more desire and less energy.  
It can be very frustrating to work hard and then face near collapse when done.  
Monday I spent most of the morning in the office because I got a letter from the government saying a form needed to be completed correctly right now, or face serious consequences.  After looking all over the form to see what was wrong I called.  I then spent 45 minutes on hold, listening to "you are caller number 44" all they way down to caller number 2 and my turn.  The very nice guy on the other end of the line was confused by my difficulty and as I'm looking on the form to see where I should possibly be, I found it!  Right there in front of me.  I apologized for taking his time and was really glad I'll never see or talk to him again.  
The next day, which was snowy and cold and I had to get out in it to take boys to and from school, I came home at the usual time to run errands and stop in at knitting.  I also stopped at the post office and made a complete fool of myself there and I'm not even going to tell about it and since my family doesn't read my blog I will never have to. HA.
On Wednesday I brought the stuff to make crescent roll 'pigs in a blanket' for Barry and Christian for lunch. Barry was the only one interested in doing any rolling so he rolled them up and we baked them.  Christian ate most of his and on the last bite, said, "I don't like the bread stuff", took it off and ate it.  Barry, on the other hand, had only taken a few bites, said, "I don't like the bread stuff,"  and didn't eat anymore and wanted candy.  I suggested he take off the bread and eat it up, which he not so willingly did.  
I'm always tired on Wednesdays, so I sat for an hour then rushed around the next hour, tidying up and vacuuming and warming up leftovers.  
Now, we are coming to the aggravating part.  I said earlier that I want to start cleaning out closets, and I've done the entry/coat closet.  M
onday,  I started on the bathroom and finished the closet in there, washed a load of clothes.  Yesterday, I cleaned out and sorted through the things in the vanity, tossing several things, sorting and finding new homes for some things and was so ridiculously tired that night, I was disgusted. I felt like I didn't do so much as to warrant complete bodily failure.
Now, I am confused, I know yesterday I melted all my craft soap leftover from when Lynette was into that, about 10 years ago, made sugar scrub and got nearly everything ready to make bathbombs (I had to buy one thing), and made pumpkin pudding.  Did I do the bathroom in the morning? I don't remember. I must have and then it is no wonder I felt to tired that evening.  
Of course, as soon as I was ready to sit down and rest, I was deluged with an avalanche of grandsons and daughters who made lots of noise with games and printers and talk and wanting to remove the soap from the molds and feel it and wrap it and take it home.
I collapsed when they left and I have no idea what we had for supper.  
Oh, yes, Jim had hamburgers. He made them.  I made microwave potatoes.  I had mine with cheese sauce; he had his with ketchup.  
Then I went to bed early.  

Photos of the week.  

Paislee can do this, I saw it with my own eyes.

Oh, we also had a 'March Birthdays' dinner Sunday evening.  
Nice to have everyone together again. 

I love cute little shoes!

My mouse has given up the ghost.  It's no go even with a battery change.  I am tired of continually buying them.  I belong to an age where things last a LONG time.  I'm not really one with the tech age.
I use a mouse because this computer is not a touch screen, I continually sweep over the mouse pad with my thumbs when it is one and that messes everything up, and it is a lot easier to edit blogs and other writing with a mouse.  

I already went shopping today.  Grrrr!

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