Friday, March 10, 2017

Windy Days

I didn't walk today, it was cold.
  I didn't sit down much the first part of today except in the doctor's office where Jim had his first punch biopsy to see if that funny changing spot on his arm is cancerous.  We have been expecting this, Jim has all the risk factors.  Next week we will know if it is to be  frozen off (pre-cancerous) or cut out (the real deal).

We had company last week. So, did Lynette. Here are part of her loyal clan, the kind of friends that were friends before they were born.  

It was ridiculously windy Monday and Tuesday of this week.  We have been extremely spoiled these last few years.  When the kids were young and I hung clothes out on the line all summer I would have to keep track of the time.  Left out too long and underwear might end up over at the neighbors.  I like a good stiff wind to dry clothes.  They get dry and wrinkle free in a hurry.  We haven't had much of that kind of wind in those years.  I used to tell people from other places that we didn't think a wind was very much until 25 mph.  Anything else was normal.  
Monday we were having winds of 30 mph with gusts of 50.  Any loose twigs and branches came down, trash containers went to visit the neighbors, and I dried three loads of clothes on the clothesline.  
Monday was also one of those days to get a boatload of office work done, and a whole bunch of other things that I can't remember now because even though I decided if I took notes to remember what I did each day this week, I only wrote down that we had wind and I hung out clothes.
For Tuesday, I wrote down that the boys played with purple playdough that I made, oh, I guess I did THAT on Monday!  
I didn't write down any notes for the rest of the week, but I don't have any trouble remembering what I did on Wednesday.  It was 'parents eat lunch with your kid' day at school and since Lorene was at school herself, it was 'gramma eat with ALL the grandkids at school', because Jim was working and forgot to think about taking the time off.  
Zane wanting to be exceedingly helpful took Christian with him and Barry having done this a couple weeks ago, felt perfectly capable on his own.  That was a good thing because while I was smart enough to leave my purse behind, I had Barry's backpack and winter coat to look after as well as Christian's tray when Zane got busy.  This time I remembered to pay in the line.  The last time I had to go chase the lunch lady down after we were ready to go home.  
All was well at first at the table.  Zane told everyone how to eat, punched the straws in their bags of milk and all three proceeded to spend more time looking at everyone else in the room instead of eating.  Barry drank his milk. Christian drank most of his. Then everyone decided they needed to go to the bathroom. I ate lunch and tried to get the others to eat theirs.  Zane gobbled a few bites, but spent most of his time getting up and down off his chair and talking to his classmate.  Suddenly, the room was emptying, another class was coming in, and not much food was gone.  Zane grabbed two trays and off he went leaving me to stagger after him with two trays, and the backpack.  By this time Zane had whisked Christian off to the playground and Barry and I followed. They played there until recess was over and we all went home, the boys reluctantly, me thankfully, ready to corral the boys I had left in four walls.  
They did go outside later, but they saw a bee and came back in.  
I remember another thing that happened on Tuesday.  I spilled a mug of water on this laptop.  I turned it over quickly to pour as much out as I could while Jim took out the battery.  Then I let it sit on the heat register for 24 hours and fearfully put the battery back in on Thursday and I was back in business.  Of course, I spent a good share of time before that thinking about a plan in case it didn't start up again.  
So, here we are to today.  Errands are done, I had a glimpse of the boys when Lorene stopped in, (no school today), there are clothes in the dryer, photos of the day are organized, and supper is planned.  
I need to go get started on it. 

Paislee--6 mos
by Lynette 

View of a foggy day.   


Anita said...

I love those two pix at the bottom! The light in the one of the baby is fantastic. And I just plain like that framed look in the last one.

Renee said...

It was so fun to see you yesterday and having heard your story of the visit at school to eat lunch, when I read this account of it, it " came alive" as I could hear you in my mind as you told it yesterday. I seriously cannot believe you were brave enough or silly enough to have hung out clothes on those WINDY days last week.