Thursday, March 30, 2017

At Home

Once upon a time, I was young, blonde and unwrinkled.  
However, in those days I did not have grandchildren to take bad photos of me.  
That makes middle age, gray hair and wrinkles worth it. 
My mom never liked to have photos taken of herself.  I don't think she liked the way she looked.  
I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  
Even when you don't look through the eyes of child-love, she was very pretty.  
We need a few photos of ourselves and those we love, because the remembrance is sweet.
I'm not fond of photos taken in my house because we seem to only take them when there are extras and that means lots of people and lots of mess.  
It really isn't a mess on this day, except maybe on the floor since boys are here, but the things sitting around are favorite things, things I like to look at.  
I have a blackboard on the door, a day book by the phone, Pioneer Woman pretties on the bar.  There are books behind the easel that holds a memory book of my grandparents and near me is a puzzle tray.  Jim and I are filling the last evenings of the chilly weather puzzling. 
You cannot see the plant among the napkins, salt & pepper shakers, and daily meds on the table.
You can't see the knitting on the floor and couch with the laptop nearby.  
There is no longer, except when the boys are there, toys all over the floor and the sound of childish voices in the air.  
Those days were good days and these days are good days.
I enjoy less mess, but I'm just as busy.  

Once upon another time, about 12 years ago, Lynette belonged to a craft club and every month she got a new craft to do.  
One craft was this cute button decorated journal.  Lynette being inflicted with the same mentality that I have, and not wanting to use it for just any old thing, it was never used.  
Eventually it ended up my property and I made it into a little journal using quotes I saved from some of my favorite books.  

I love this little book and I love these quotes. 
These are just the first three pages.
I chose them because they express my thought, ideas and feelings. 


The Chairman's Wife said...

Sweet post!

Renee said...

I love the photo of you. I love the button journal. I love quotes, too, and have for years and years. I have a book of favorites of mine, but yours are printed SO much more prettily. Mine are just in my own handwriting. Back in the day, I would decorate my school notebooks with quotes.