Sunday, March 25, 2012

Minneapolis in March

It might be interesting to visit places at some other time of year rather than March, but we don't do that generally.  Spring break from school is in March, and it is usually before Jim gets to be working so he is freer to go at that time of year, also. Except for this year when we had hardly any winter, so he's been working off and on clear through and jobs are starting to pile on. 
So, for spring break this year we went to Minneapolis to see Jim's sister.  The first place we went was the Como Conservatory and Zoo.  I've never been to a conservatory before, but I have been to plenty of zoos.  
It was fun to see the lush vegetation in this really old building that has been a conservatory for hundreds of years, (more or less).

No idea what this plant is, but I liked the name.

Miniature orange.

I didn't know Ipecac was from a plant.  I don't think it was this one, see the next photo. I looked it up and it isn't recommended for use anymore, there are better methods that are less toxic, like stomach pumps. (and other things, but I can't remember them.)

This MIGHT be the ipecac plant, the leaves match the picture I found, but not the description, but everything else in this place was bigger than normal I think.

A "chocolate" tree.

And the "chocolate", whatever they call the thing that holds the beans.

Macaw flower.

Some group of plants.  They just look so nice all crowded up together.

Bonsai--I want to try one someday. 



Seals are such playful creatures!

Polar bears have HUGE paws. Wouldn't want to mess with one of those. 

I don't really know why I take photos at zoos.  Everyone knows what giraffes and tigers and lions and zebras look like, but I still take pictures.  I guess I want to prove to everyone that we saw them in real life. 

Kitty with a big fat tail. (Snow leopard).

We were driving around St. Paul on our way 'home', seeing the houses of really old St. Paul, and we stopped in to see St. Paul Cathedral.  I've never been in a cathedral, so it was rather amazing, the stained glass, the height of the dome, the stone carving.  But, it was time for mass so Jim didn't like it.  (It is open to the public even when services are on, they just ask you to be quiet, which we were.)

Supper with Lynette's friends (and their folks, too)

A 'family' picture.

Another day we went to Minnehaha Falls, mentioned in the classic poem 'Hiawatha' by Longfellow, whom you should know from your Author's cards.  I should read it and know more about the story. 

This is funny.

We did a little walking, and had a little snack by the river with food from the 'used food store'.*

I tend to forget that other places have different flowers that where I live.  I've heard of 'jack in the pulpit' flowers in romantic old books, but I've never had a chance to see one in real life. 

We had a lovely time in the cities, shopping and looking around and having time with new friends and old. It is never enough, but life calls and we had to go back to meet it. 

*This is really a store that sells food at a discount that other stores are done with when they get to expiration date.  It's a good place to pick up ready to eat NOW fruit and dairy products and meat. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barry 6 months

This little guy is just so cute.  He is wearing a favorite outfit of Zane's who also wore it at 6 months.  Barry weighs 16 pounds now and is 27 inches long and is in the 20th and 25th percentiles for height and weight.  Looks like we've got a baby that won't grow big too fast. 

Barry's been smiling this funny tight little smile for me the last couple of days. I love these big grins that are so hard to get for the camera.

Barry is eating cereal and veggies.  He opens his mouth like a little bird and eats and eats.  He can pick up cheerios, too. It's a great way to entertain a little one. 

And what is so sweet as a baby asleep.  

Barry can hold his bottle if he wants to, and he thought this water bottle was his.  It makes a good crinkly toy.

Barry can roll around from side to side, sit up well when put there and reach and arm's length away for toys without falling over, most of the time.  He is starting to push himself backwards and tries to put his knees under himself. He just loves to watch the trains go 'round and 'round.

I love to see him reaching out his little arms to mama or gramma.  He has also learned to "raspberry" with his lips and spray spit all over.  It is cute in a 6 month old.  Not so much later. 

I can't leave Barry on the couch anymore without close supervision and grabability at the ready. He flips over in the second my eyes are turned away, and gets himself too close to the edge. 
He plays with these toys very well, but he likes best my plastic measuring spoons.  

Monday, March 5, 2012

Room for Me

I love miniature things.  
I don't know what it is about tiny things that make me want to have them.  
So, I just love this project of Lynette's.  In Interior Design, she and her partner designed an entire house and then had to build, to scale, one room each.  
Lynette picked the girl's music and dance room.  It's made from foam board, painted with acrylic paint, a stained popsicle stick "wood" floor, piano (made from foam board), cello (made from wood craft pieces), fabric "bins", music decal printed on painted paper, and a mirror on one wall with a barre (dowel with popsicle stick brackets).  
It's cool, it's neat, I love it.  
So, bear with me.  I took lots of pictures. 

We can't keep something like this forever.  I want to remember it.