Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barry 6 months

This little guy is just so cute.  He is wearing a favorite outfit of Zane's who also wore it at 6 months.  Barry weighs 16 pounds now and is 27 inches long and is in the 20th and 25th percentiles for height and weight.  Looks like we've got a baby that won't grow big too fast. 

Barry's been smiling this funny tight little smile for me the last couple of days. I love these big grins that are so hard to get for the camera.

Barry is eating cereal and veggies.  He opens his mouth like a little bird and eats and eats.  He can pick up cheerios, too. It's a great way to entertain a little one. 

And what is so sweet as a baby asleep.  

Barry can hold his bottle if he wants to, and he thought this water bottle was his.  It makes a good crinkly toy.

Barry can roll around from side to side, sit up well when put there and reach and arm's length away for toys without falling over, most of the time.  He is starting to push himself backwards and tries to put his knees under himself. He just loves to watch the trains go 'round and 'round.

I love to see him reaching out his little arms to mama or gramma.  He has also learned to "raspberry" with his lips and spray spit all over.  It is cute in a 6 month old.  Not so much later. 

I can't leave Barry on the couch anymore without close supervision and grabability at the ready. He flips over in the second my eyes are turned away, and gets himself too close to the edge. 
He plays with these toys very well, but he likes best my plastic measuring spoons.  


The Chairman's Wife said...

Yay for a Wisconsin sweatshirt! :-). Baby is growing fast!

Renee said...

Cute little bugger for sure!! I loved getting the photos of he and Zane in the mail!!

The J's said...

These babies just grow up so fast!

Raimie @ The Prairie Hen said...

Dear Shelley-kins,
He is so adorable... no wonder you are so captured by him!

Raimie Lu