Monday, March 5, 2012

Room for Me

I love miniature things.  
I don't know what it is about tiny things that make me want to have them.  
So, I just love this project of Lynette's.  In Interior Design, she and her partner designed an entire house and then had to build, to scale, one room each.  
Lynette picked the girl's music and dance room.  It's made from foam board, painted with acrylic paint, a stained popsicle stick "wood" floor, piano (made from foam board), cello (made from wood craft pieces), fabric "bins", music decal printed on painted paper, and a mirror on one wall with a barre (dowel with popsicle stick brackets).  
It's cool, it's neat, I love it.  
So, bear with me.  I took lots of pictures. 

We can't keep something like this forever.  I want to remember it. 


Dan & Cyndie said...

its fabulous :)
& I don't think you took too many photos of it at all. p.s. very creative...especially the cello!

Gramma's Corner said...

Judy Cronk says: Very cute and nicely done!

Gramma's Corner said...

Jane Jossi says Extremely detailed....especially love the piano and music design on the wall. Excellent, Lynette!!!