Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Hair

Here it is again, time for the hair of the month.  I decided to comb my bangs down over my forehead so I could see how long they were getting.  It really makes my little old lady hair, don't you think?

Too bad I didn't think about wearing something classier than my jammies and robe.  
You know, if you remember to keep your chin up when someone takes your picture, the wrinkles on your neck don't look so bad.  


Brenda said...

It's getting longer!!! I will have to remember that tip about keeping your head up! A few pounds seems to fill out the lines, but my pounds always head south!

Darcie said...

Looking good! Smiling at your tip...I will have to remember that one!

Anita said...

Hair of the Month is big stuff! My T friend is a few months behind you so still has shorter hair- but it's Oh So Exciting to see it growing!!!
(And how's this for a late comment?!) :)