Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Beautiful Sunday

It isn't very often that I have a post so recently posted as this!
We had our lunch this noon on the deck.  The cooler temperatures we've been having and the sunny weather, are making it really nice to enjoy fall.  And it is fall, isn't it?  It's close enough on the calendar, really, and the temperatures say it is.  
With no breeze, the other's ate their BLT's at the table and I soaked up the sun in my hat.  It was perfect weather to be out in.  

I've been sleeping a little better, too.  I actually slept 5 hours straight last night, and I don't know if I've done that since I've had surgery!
Things are changing for the better, my mouth isn't so sore as it once was.  There is still soreness underneath it all, which is baffling.  I wonder how long it will take before it actually heals?
I'm afraid the answer is going to be "after the next round of chemo".  I haven't asked on that one yet.  And I could.  It seems like I've spent all my time hand in glove with the radiation doctor.  His team with  my favorite, Dr. Lorri, have been the ones directing my care.  Now, it is time to take up the the finishing team with the chemo care doctors.

I've been having a little trouble with my left eye.  It has always been watery since it should be producing more tears than it is. Which sounds really funny, but I don't get it all now, but it keeps working on producing tears anyway.  However, these last couple of days it isn't watery anymore but globby green.  It is NOT pinkeye, the white of the eye is not pink.  So, we called the Dr. tonight.  (Why is it always after hours?) My temperature is slightly elevated, so I could go into the ER, but for goodness sakes!!!, haven't I already been there enough times! Since it isn't getting better these couple of days, the diagnosis is to keep a watch on my temperature and see the Dr. in the morning.  However, IF my temp goes up, I'll be trotting in to the ER before morning.  I hope not, of course, but what will be, will be.  

I feel a nap coming on. 


Dorothy said...

Sure gave me a happy little feeling to see your pictures out there on your lovely deck. Will be hoping that things stay on the normal side and you DON'T have a midnight ride to ER. I guess this is your neutropenia week, isn't it? Take care...give the hand sanitizer companies some business!
We just got done with a wonderful time together here at Hector. Now a couple days breather in which I hope to communicate more directly with you all...

Elaine T. said...

So nice you could get some fresh air today, and I hope you don't have an infection. I do remember the watering eyes with chemo..people thought I was crying always. Crazy what that stuff does to your system. So glad you got a good sleep in and hope you have another good night tonight.

Anita said...

I'm hoping your night was uneventful and didn't involve any trips to the ER. I'm sure you've done enough for them (that's how it works, right???) lately!
That is a beautiful scene from your deck! Glad you could enjoy the sunshine.
And your 'I feel a nap coming on' always makes me smile! Nap On! :)

Ruth said...

So happy to hear your little steps of progress in the healing direction...especially in the sleep department. That's when real healing happens! Here's to more and more rest and healing!

Renee said...

Ohh...hope you are MUCH better by now and no ER!!! and the pretty pictures with wonderful subjects in them are just the BEST.

Oleva said...

Hi Shelley and all,
Tried to comment last night but it just wouldn't go thru for some strange reason. Really glad to hear of (and see evidence of) a better day than you have been having.
Days of conv at Dells were wonderful, and of course Charles' funeral made it extra special. Clean up went really well it seemed, today. Bonita was her usual patient, gracious guide in getting it all done. Hope you didn't have an ER trip. We think of you and yours daily.
Love and care,
Carl and Oleva

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,
It's so nice to see a nice sunny picture of you and Jim. I can't believe how you always have a smile, when you're going through so much, but we're glad for your lovely spirit! It's inspiring to all of us. We hope things continue to improve for you and that you can get lots of rest, so your body can heal faster.
Thinking of you and yours, often.
Barb K.

janis said...

We're glad for your efforts (between naps) to keep us informed. We're all rooting for you! Hugs

John and Sandy Linder said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are awesome just like the weather.

We had a wonderful convention at Marysville~

Your attitude and spirit about your experience is uplifting and we are cheering on the better days for you!

Darcie said...

So glad you could enjoy some time outside, on a beautiful day. Something about a sunny day, and being outdoors that lifts your spirits. Hope all leveled out with your temperature.

The J's said...

Love your pictures, hope nothing serious with the eye! I've been wishing for a visit your way, but now have ended up with either a yucky cold or yucky allergy attack--or both! Will post pone, as you don't need any possible germ invasions! Glad for the up-date - nap well & often :)

Lanae said...

I loved the pictures too, and sure hope the eye thing clears up and goes away. Hope today is a good day. :)