Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flowers in the Hospital

I'm not sleeping well tonight. I'm still having a hard time with the mucus and Robitussin issue.  No Robitussin and I can't sleep because it is too thick and bothering me and with Robitussin, too thin and I'm suctioning every 20 minutes and can't sleep, either.  No wonder I'm so tired in the day.

I was going to title this post something about being sleepy, but then I found this photo of the flowers I got from Delton and Renee in the hospital, which we have enjoyed very much, thank you.  But, what this photo also shows in the redness on my neck, the "sunburn" from the radiation that in these photos is doing its best to break down the skin.  It was sore and required a lot of attention with salve, but here we are over a week later and while my neck is still very red, most of the scaly and sore areas are gone in the side creases and it is looking very good.  Most of the inside sores in my mouth healed up while I was in the hospital too, which is a very good thing, and I don't think I'm going to have enough  radiation in my last "boost" too get very many back.

The "Boost" which is the last of the radiation series, started Tues to make up the one day I missed. So, Tuesday after Labor Day will be the last day of the 5 day boost, done in a more concentrated area on Tues, which will also see us with the oncology doctor who hopefully can complete the  plan for the chemo, but the main thing is no more chemo until radiation is complete and there is a good chance radiation will be done next week.                                                                                                                                                   

And may all of you enjoy the very special days coming up.  


The J's said...

So glad to hear from you! Glad the sores seem to be better, and hope for a good report on Tues also.
We're really going to miss you at York!!

Anita said...

just another hello!!
I must be having a 'day' because everything's making my eyes all funny and leaky! Anyway- hope your weekend has some special things in it, too! xo

Renee said...

That neck looks fierce-some tender! I am happy it is lots better. AND to be looking at the tail end of this radiation makes me want to do a happy dance! We will sure be thinking of you next week and wishing you were year...all healed up and healthy and with new curly hair! YES!

Ruth said...

Hopefully the worst is behind you now...and soon it will ALL be behind you! And just sleep when you really doesn't matter when, as long as you get some rest.
Thinking of you!

Luanne said...

Good morning Shelley, Just thinking about you. Hope your day is a cheery one. I am with Renee.. hoping for curls! Hugs to you