Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Last Child At Home First Day of School Picture

The first day of school comes to all kids, whether they want it to or not. I think she was ready this year. At least for a while until things get overwhelming again.  She's off for the weekend in a special place that puts school work into a less important perspective.  And, it isn't the social life, either.  

So, off she goes into her junior year of high school with new ideas, and new goals, Old friends, and maybe some new ones.  
With a mother who staggers out of the bathroom to say good-bye as she is getting ready for radiation, again.  
Luckily, school started before I went into the hospital so I got my school day photo on the day, not that it really matters so much.

We are glad for some semblance of normal life.


Dan & Cyndie said...

she's a sweet special gal!!! So glad you have her :)

The J's said...

Hard to believe so much time has passed since she was that tiny babe...Sweet to see her these last 4 days!