Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just One More

Dear Peoples,

I've been putting off writing this post.  Just saying the words, "I've started the boost, with 5 days left, I've started the second boost, I have 3 days left", seems a bit scary.  What if I can't do that last day?

Because tomorrow really is that last day.  The very last day of treatment.  One more day. After that, no more days of radiation.  

I did well today and yesterday, too, they were long days with extra pictures being taken.  The pictures taken today goofed up and had to be re-taken, but I was surprisingly calm since they let me a a little mask-free break.  It is harder to want to get on the table, but we are learning a system, thank goodness , the biggest one is dealing with the mucus, which I can suction all out, and then think of things or have loud music going. I feel a new determination to GET THIS DONE, and it will be over.  Then there will be better days ahead, slowly better, but better.  
Especially since I start chemo again on Monday.  And chemo with it's steroids has always made me feel better.  
So, I can lie around this weekend being tired and having lots of naps, and Jim can pack for my long day of chemo, unless I feel like it, then I can do it.  I seem to be quite content sitting around all day doing nothing at chemo, but we really should do some office work. There really isn't much going on for me in chemo, just waiting around mainly for the fluid to go in all day the first day, so the second days of a couple hours each, seem really short and quick.

Anyway, aren't these some truly beautiful flowers?  I've been lucky to get some beautiful bouquets and have thoroughly enjoyed them.  It is fun to see the color combinations, the choices of colors, the different kinds of flowers.  The floral companies arrange them so well, and what fun it must be to choose the colors to use.

I really appreciate those who have sent cards and flowers and letters and comments, to cheer up my days and to remind me that someone is remembering me.  
Thank you so much dear ones.   

Love, Shelley


Jeanie Printz said...

We're always glad for any blog updates, Shelley, but it's extra special when you feel up to chatting with us! We check in on you daily...sometimes more than once, and have walked this difficult journey by your side. You are one brave woman! I admire the way you face up to the negatives and appreciate the positives!! Love ya',
Don and Jeanie

Anonymous said...

I bet you will also have the privilege of enjoying sweet fellowship with others as they share their notes from York! Glad this is almost behind you.

I truly believe one special young woman will be thankful to follow in your steps as she gears up for treatment also.


The Chairman's Wife said...

Thinking of you again tonight. It always is encouraging to read your words and not words from a guest writer. We will remember you as you remember those gathered together this week in your state. You won't be forgotten... even if you can't be there in person. Hugs from WI.

John and Sandy Linder said...

We still cannot imagine all that you are going through.
Considering all, we think you are doing marvelous.
Glad you have found the strength to keep on keeping on!

Dorothy K said...

Welcome to your Last Day of Radiation!! So glad this stretch of the road is about to finish!
Love, Dodie

Dan & Cyndie said...

its 10:14 a.m. & i am just getting ready to text you & see if you are home from the LAST!!!!! radiation treatment!!!! You, my dear friend, are one of the bravest women i know! love your sweet spirit :)

Anita said...

The flowers are beautiful- I always thought it would be so neat to work in a florist's shop. But I'm not sure I'm creative enough.

The J's said...

Oh..such beautiful flowers!