Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It's resting hour at this household and I decided I'd spend the time blogging.  
I got my list of things I wanted to mention, and then went looking for the camera that went with us on our trip in which we were gone for four very special days.
On that camera was a picture of Jim and I and I can't remember what else, but I can't find the camera.  It's not in my purse, it's not in the pocket of my coat where it was for several days and the last place in my memory.
If something is not where it belongs, I cannot remember anything else about it.  No going back step by step is helping here.  There is a very small chance that it is still in the car.  I'm going to be very sad if it is gone for good.  It has been my 'go to' camera for motion photos.  None of my other cameras are good for motion.  
I do have a new phone *gasp* don't faint on me here.  It has a decent camera, but I don't know how good, I haven't tried it, and I do like something I can hold in my hands to click, not these flat things that I'm more likely to drop than get a good photo.
The reason for the new phone, is a story, if not for another day, at least later in this blog. 

For this blog I want to remember:
Tuesdays with the boys, getting ready for school, breakfast and lunch for Zane, play dough with Christian, laughing hysterically over sticky monkeys that don't stick to the walls after all, finding shoes for the second school run of the day, tea parties with two little boys for their snack, chasing little yellow butterflies on sunny days, trampolines filled with little balls,  Frozen puzzles, and more Frozen puzzles and cheerful clean clothes, 'putter awayers.'

Little boys hands fluttering goodbye through the open window as they drive away.

A slender golden moon rising as we leave on our trip, and the pale white crescent at sunset on the way home.

Sunny fall days meeting old friends and new and enjoying spiritual refreshment. 

I don't have very many new photos and that isn't entirely due to the missing camera.  I've been busy.

I made this sweater.  This is the first time in a while that I've knitted a wearable garment. Anytime I make anything with sleeves, the sleeves don't work.  This was knitted all in one piece.
Now I want to make another.  This is a bit big.  

Political statement for the year.

Borrowed from my daughter.  Those boys love to play with these beads.

And saving the best for last.

I have the cutest granddaughter ever!!

And now, the phone story.
I have a very real love/hate relationship with my cell phone.  I don't like to spend money and I don't like to waste time and I don't like to learn new things, so I've been holding back on getting a new phone, knowing it would have to be the 'smart' kind.  
I liked my old phone.  I could drop it on the concrete once a month, and it didn't phase it.  However, it wasn't receiving emails properly all the time, the keypad wouldn't always respond correctly and I knew it's days were numbered.  
So, when I left it at the Hardee's where we had lunch on the first day of our trip, I resigned myself to the fact that my absent-mindedness must come to an end.  I would have to join the crowd of smarties with a new phone that is more easily ruined and I must keep track of it.  
If we would have gone back the same way we came, we could have picked it up, but we didn't.

So, after enjoying nearly a week with no phone, here it is.

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Renee said...

You'll get used to the phone and your love/hate relationship with it will be more keen that the phone before it, have no doubt. Our boys loved those itsy bitsy bead things too! Your new sweater is lovely...that color looks good on you, but, yes, it's a bit big on your itty bitty self. I HOPE you find your camera, surely you will. I heard via the grape vine that you and that special B made someone here in York very VERY happy the other day. I'm SO glad you had time to blog...your blog is like a breath of fresh air...and that little granddaughter is off the charts cute, no doubt about it!!!!!