Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sunrise and Socks

Another week has gone by and I am feeling the desire to blog.  
I really like the part about sitting down.
I don't think it would be very convenient to blog standing up, unless you had one of those tall bar things, which I don't.  
I've had a busy week.  Of course, I have no clue what I did Friday because it's been five days already.  I could get up and look at my calendar or my 'to-do' list in my binder but then I wouldn't be sitting down anymore.  I don't have very many pictures either.  I tried to take sunrise photos with each of my three cameras and if I didn't get the color right, I got fuzz, so I gave up and went looking for an earlier photo to put in my '52 lists' journal.  
(The list for that week was beautiful things)
Maybe I did that on Friday.  
(Checking on the computer here....)
Nope, Wednesday and here it is.

I guess one of them turned out.  I wonder which camera it was.

We've had some really gorgeous days so I decided it was time to sweep the leaves off the deck and the patio and retire most of the flowers on the deck.  It took me two hours to sweep, gather and dump  leaves, and dump dirt from the flower pots. I also hung out a load of sheets and cut down the morning glory vine.  
I was SO tired the rest of the day I didn't do much of anything except I persuaded Jim to walk around our circle at dusk. I can't decide whether I need to do more work to gain more strength, eat more carefully, or resign myself to the fact that I'm not up to what I used to be.  
  My walking has improved, I can walk a mile in good time without feeling like I'm going to die coming up our last little hill.  I sure can't swing out in full speed like I could once upon a time. I go lickity-split for a little way and then it has to be slow and steady.  
So, to put the 'let's work more and see what happens' to the test, I made a batch of tomato soup on Monday.  I got 19 pints, but since the canner holds 9 at a time so we ate the 19th for supper.  
Or part of it anyway.  I cooked up some hamburger and using a small amount of tomato soup and a half pound of hamburger I made a huge amount of Bean Burger Bake, which isn't baked at all even though mom's recipe says to and she never did and I don't either.
We ate half of it on Tuesday and we are going to eat the other half tomorrow.  

I was so glad to have it ready to eat for supper on Tuesday since it was a VERY LONG DAY.  Leaving at 6:30 in the morning isn't a real hardship since I'm a morning person.
(At 9:00 at night the future looks very bleak, but at 6:00 am, I'm ready to conquer the world.)
Lorene had something extra going on so I was prepared for a little longer day, however, at 2:50 it hit me, "When does Zane get out of school? If it's 3:00, we need to get moving."  After a hurried call and finding we had until 3:30 and she would be home in time, I relaxed until I got a text at 3:14, "I won't be there after all."  I went into high gear, and "okay, boys, shoes on, let's go, chop, chop".  It only takes two minutes to drive to the school but on any given day I have boys who routinely disappear, or won't put on their socks, can't find their shoes, have no idea where they possibly could be or have a tantrum instead of getting ready to walk out the door, so extra time in a good thing.  
I hardly finished my pronouncement and there were two boys on the floor getting shoes on, (we didn't worry about socks), and they are ready to go out the door in two minutes.  Hmm, 3:16 and school doesn't get out until 3:30.
"Can we bring our tablets?","Yes."  We arrive at school at 3:20, (I drove slowly).  Christian's table ran out of battery (is that the right term in the 21st century) so I gave him my phone to take pictures.  I now have about 25 photos of his feet.  
At 3:35, Zane came cheerfully out of school and loaded up, we went home and Lorene was there!
I gathered up my stuff in a hurry and left.  
4:00, in Kearney, still had some errands to do and a little shopping.  At 5, I drove into my garage, dumped all my stuff on the table, and collapsed on the sofa with a bowl of ice cream.  When Jim came in and hour later I was still there with no desire to get up, so he mowed, and I felt sufficiently motivated to heat up said Bean Burger whatever and went to bed, after cleaning up all dirty dishes, pouring boiling water down the sinks, and then vinegar in hopes of reducing the fruit fly population.  
I'm not sure it's helping since there was a cloud above the sink again. I washed with great diligence all the counters, got rid of all wet cloths, took out the trash, dried all the extra dishes and am preparing my boiling water for this evening's attempt.  
Tomorrow, I'm thinking about more tomato soup, or Friday, or sometime.  

Looks like my kids didn't like socks either. 

I never could get Lorene to keep shoes on her feet, so I finally said, "If you are going to run around without shoes, take off your socks!!"  She didn't die even if she was out in all weathers unshod. 

The only other photos I took this week are of Christian.  I was going for a really happy smile, but I had to settle for these half smiles instead.  I intended to get some of Barry, but about then he came up with a grasshopper in the BBQ tongs, and I was ready to go inside.  

Until next week then.  

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