Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aunt Inez

Jim's Auntie died in January.  She was 91.  We were privileged to be there at the end.  We were able to have our little family together again.  (There are only 10 of us.)  Some have suggested I write a tribute to her, the last of her generation.  But, I found I've already done it.  
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Renee said...

Well sure enough you had already written a tribute. A very nice one too!

The J's said...

Very nice, I enjoyed reading it again. I'm feeling very "nostalgic" these days; it usually happens when I'm scrapbooking!

Anita said...

I always enjoyed B's Aunt Inez stories and am sorry I never got to meet her. She was very full of life, from all I've heard.