Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back to Our Regular Programming

I see two schools of thought when it comes to blogging.  The day to day chat of daily life, or the thought provoking posts meant to inspire.  It is too difficult to post the thought provoking kind all the time, although some people seem to be able to produce that sort of thing in the daily life posts.  I blog mainly because I want to write.  I want to chronicle my life and if thought provoking pops out, so be it.
Actually I like to read about daily lives. It's interesting how other people live and what they do.  

I said in my last post that I wouldn't be writing any more cancer posts. That doesn't mean I won't ever mention it again.  Cancer has been and the results are a part of my life.  My life, my way of life has been changed forever and my posts will reflect that.  But, it doesn't dominate my life and my way of thinking anymore.  It's still up there in my thinking, but not dominating.

Here I get ready to talk about ordinary life and I can't remember much of what happened in March.  Since when is life supposed to go so fast when you are ill?  I went to the theater boosters meeting and volunteered for treasurer and the scholarship committee.  This is the first meeting I've been to all year.  I've been grocery shopping by myself. I bought a bunch of new yarn, and finished a couple of afghans.  I have my tax stuff in to the accountant.  I've washed loads of clothes, cleaned house, knitted, crocheted, read, cooked, done office work for Jim, fed the cats and kept the fire burning,  Oh, and dishes, too.  I've not hounded my daughter enough to practice the piano.  We've been out to eat, had mother/daughter shopping and eating, in short, just normal stuff, and I'm enjoying it.  (Well, maybe not the laundry and dishes.) No wonder the time goes fast.  

Here are a few pictures of little things in March.   

Tumbler made in ceramics class.

Ditto for puzzle pieces

Flower meringue on mini lemon pies, by Lynette.

Mini cheesecakes and dipped strawberries.

My first coconut cream pie.  Jim loves it. 

Baby shoes from when I was a kid.  (Cleaning out closets.)

Cool t-shirt, made by Lynette, with bleach.


The Chairman's Wife said...

I like regular programming of ordinary days. Your pie looks wonderful. If you lived closer I would come have.a piece!

Renee said...

Ordinary,'s my favorite way of life...! Lynette's tee shirt is fabulous! She could start her own line of Tees! I didn't know bleach could be so artistic!!!

The J's said...

Lovely post. I was just thinking about the blogging issue earlier today. I was missing what the aspect of "just blogging"--recording the ordinary days of earlier months. I really appreciate those who do. I enjoy reading them. Facebook swallows up alot of that, and FB as much as I enjoy it, is simply not the same.

Anita said...

That is a great t-shirt!

Darcie said...

That pie looks SOOO good, and would wind down my evening perfectly...but alas I will have to visually enjoy it.

LOVE ordinary days...more of those days then the others.

Oleva said...

So glad you are "able" to move on, tho I'm sure there is more to "it" than you are saying or meets the eye!!! Sure appreciate all you share, just wish it was the pie too :) We are looking forward to having your SIL times 2 next week. Feel very privileged!!!!
Haven't seen a pix of those cute grandsons for a long time!!?
Carl and Oleva