Friday, July 5, 2013

Sitting with the Grands

I had the boys a couple of days ago.  Mommy wanted to do a mammoth grocery shopping spree without trying to corral three kids and two carts, one with a baby in it.  So, she left the two big ones with me.  I haven't had a chance for a while to take pictures of Barry so I took the opportunity to crawl around on the floor with him. I'm still getting used to the camera of my dad's.  It is an older one, albeit, a very good one in it's day, but it is different from what I had before.
These boys played so nicely for about a half an hour and it was greatly appreciated.  Barry found the tractors and pushed them all over the kitchen. 

I'm disappointed this last photo is fuzzy, but I love his big smile.  I caught it on the fly, by accident.  I wanted him to smile; at their house its "say cheese", at my house its "no".

I made this playdough for the boys, and Zane just loves it.  I meant it to be dirt colored, but the combination of colors I used turned it green.  
He was playing farm animals for most of the time, preferring the giraffe and lion to the more traditional ones.  

Later, he began farming in earnest, but it was mainly getting the tractor stuck and pulling it out again.

The next day we had Christian all by himself.  He is such a good baby at nearly two months.  Sleeping easily and long and eating properly.  
It was easy to get a smile out of  him.  It wasn't so easy to quit talking and turn them off. 

Sleepy boy.


Renee said...

Is there any better entertainment than homemade play dough? I think not! Zane looks SO big and smart! The other two are cuter than all get out!! What fun three boys can be!!

The Chairman's Wife said...

How fun for you!

Darcie said...

Gramma's Corner...that's all I thought about when I read this post! Such sweetness, and would you look at that hair on that little it!