Monday, December 15, 2014

Day by Day--November

I love this reminder of my days.
I'm not sure I want to do it another year.  I need another idea.  
And some self-discipline.
Some of these photos are rather lame.
The photos of people this month aren't very good. The main reason it that I don't have a very good camera, another is that I could remember to put the setting on 'active', the last reason, is those boys are active.  

2. Lynette's first pumpkin pie, using prepared pie crust (mine), all by herself.
3. 'Family' garland that came with a crafty weekend invitation with a special friend.
4. Pretty much self-explanatory.
5. This doctor's appointment marks the start of a battle on a decade's old plantar's wart.
6. Sunrise, I know, again.  The sunrise every morning is one of my favorite things about this place.
7. This is what happens when you try to get a 3-year old and a 1-year old in the same place at the same time to look the same way to get a photo,
8. I love my big wooden spoon.  I love how water and big spoons entertain toddlers for a long time.
9. My daughter's dorm.  We pick her up there every Sunday morning.
10. A box is one of the best toys ever for pre-schoolers.
11. Snow!! It's only November!!
12. The camera is in the hands of a one-year old!
13. Painting fabric paint on the bottom of my felted slippers is supposed to keep them from wearing out.
14. 8 degrees seems so cold for November.
15. This lovely card and candy from a dear friend on our crafty weekend.  (and where are the photos from the crafty weekend?, who knows? I think I was too busy playing not clicking.)
16. Now it's -3 degrees!!!  I am not ready for January weather in November.
17. Our favorite card game. 
18. This photo really belong to the crafty weekend, but I'm scrambling for photos in a few spots. This house is as cute inside as out. And I even got to stay there and look all around.
19. Sunrise through the apple tree.  I just love to see the sky on fire.
20. I forgot to take a photo of my actual sewing machine that was deemed unfixable in the hands of the repairman.  The tension knob was broken, and the stitch length adjuster (which had never worked properly) was frozen and broke. So, it is no longer with us. It was about 50 years old.  I am saddened, this is the kind of machine I learned to sew on, mom remembers sewing my baby clothes on it.  My machine was my sister-in-laws graduation present.  It was used then.  
21. Barry is in one of those cloth bins.  
22. I love the mindless watching of these bubble thingys.  I remember when I was a kid I would watch the bubble rise in a bottle of Cornhusker Lotion. It was thick and glutinous and worked just like these things.  I wonder if either are ever around anymore.
23. What I've been reading.  This is a good synopsis of the events running up to and through D-Day.  It also is a stark reminder of just how close we came to losing everything.
24. Love this scarf.  No pattern, just a picture and some measurements. One daughter's request.
25. I seriously love little boys in little mittens drinking from little mugs.
26. The boys decorated cupcakes at home for Thanksgiving while we were in Indiana.
27. Turkey, my favorite for thanksgiving. Except for the stuffing.
28. Covered bridge in Indiana.
29. Mississippi River Bridge.
30. I was getting desperate for filler.  It is too had to get state signs when you are going over rivers.  
1. Finished fancy knit baby afghan.  I love to work the patterns on these.
2. Me, by Barry. Ugh.
3. Scarf for my other daughter. Griffyndor. 
4. I closed out my safety deposit box, after months of wondering where on earth I put the second key.  I was resigned to pay for the missing key, but I found it by chance.  
5. Look very, very closely and you can see the fluttering hands over the keys.
6. 'Aren't you glad we're here to help you eat all these cookies you baked, Gramma?' Somewhere there is supposed to be a photo of the cookies we baked.  hmmm

Sigh, this didn't get downloaded on to the computer the first time around.  So, here it is.  Decorated by the illustrious company of Zane and Barry. 

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Anita said...

Another idea for this next year is fine but I also think it's a mistake to think the pix you have are lame. Daily life doesn't need to be sparkling and perfect and awe-inspiring. It's ordinary and that's ok. I really like these posts!