Thursday, April 16, 2015

Doll Fashions

A long time ago, I sewed up the body for this doll and put her together, made her a petticoat, drawers and chemise and took a picture and I thought posted them on my blog.  As far as I can tell I didn't.
I spent the last two weeks, sewing up the wardrobe I cut out that long time ago, and of course, falling into the trap of making a couple extra things.  

Fancy dress

Back View 


Shawl Front

and Back 

 White Lace

Velvet Cape, Bonnet, and Muff 


Second Best 

Summer Bonnet and Cape 

Work Dress and Apron 

Large Cape and Winter Work Dress 

Larger Cape 


Anita said...

They're beautiful! It'd be fun to be your doll!

Darcie said...

Very pretty! Projects like that are always fun. They keep the mind sharp and the hands busy. :-)