Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Many years, we celebrate Thanksgiving at our house.  As the years go by, more people gather around our dining table. 
Grandchildren add a happy and noisy tribute to our day.

Any time we get together with my folks, we roll out the puzzles.  Often Mom buys a new one every year for us.  This year we tried a new one called a mosaic puzzle with all the pieces having square corners, like a grid.  It was an easy puzzle except for trying to keep it straight on the table. 
The boys are interested, but not quite big enough for a 1000 piece puzzle.  They may be the cause of the missing piece from the brand new puzzle, or it may have been dragged from the table by an adult sleeve, which certainly happens often enough.

Jim tried something new with our turkey this year.  Other years we have used our Big George to rotisserie the turkey, but this year we tried it using the gas grill.  We have discovered in our meat adventures on the grill this year is the importance of soaked meat in brine so he did that. 

A turkey on the grill rotisserie cooks a lot faster than in the oven so it was ready in plenty of time. 

Ready to carve! It was a delicious moist turkey.

The large picture window at the front of our house and the patio door in the back make it extremely difficult to get good photos.  Even with the drapes shut, the back light gets in the way.  And, when you have a family that would much rather eat that waste time on a picture..., 
well you take what you get. 

 Anyway, we were all here, and all fed. 

With three exuberant boys coming we thought maybe a great big play room in the garage might be the thing.  It was for a little while, but they do like to be with the rest of us as well. 

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