Thursday, May 18, 2017

Birthdays Mean Family

Mother's Day has come and gone. I got some nice gifts and my dishes done for me by my very kind husband.  That was my kind of gift.  I found utensils in some strange places for the next few days, but that's a small price to pay for a couple of dishwasher empties.  

Some woman came to the nursing home where Lorene works with an enormous basket full of hydrangeas left over from a wedding.  After giving each resident some, and make bouquets for the various offices, she had some to bring home and some for me. 
I didn't realize hydrangeas were so beautiful.  They are so big and full and massed in this vase are giving me a great deal of pleasure.  

Monday, Lorene had some paper work to do in relation to her new job so she brought Christian in with her so he could hang out with me for an hour before we went back to pick up Barry from Pre-K.  He always wants me to play games, but this time I was filling out a very important form for the government with dire threats if I didn't fill it out promptly and truthfully.  
So he had to entertain himself until time to go.  
It was the elementary school play day for all except those in Pre-K, so we went home after we picked up Barry to gather some "lunch" and went to the park.  The classes were at lunch, and we didn't see Zane right away, so we sat down and ate our cheese and Doritos, (we were hungry) and then went to find Zane.  He was so happy to see us he gave me his lunch box to hold and immediately traded his Gatorade for Barry's pop. Then he and Barry proceeded to find friends and chase around and climb the back of the bleachers while Christian wandered around with me.  In a bit all the classes were gathered for more organized play and I took the other two boys to the play set and tried to watch what Zane was doing.  The boys were tired of watching and playing and we went back so I could go home, but not before I got to see Zane drop kick a football, and do it very well, too. 
It looks like Lorene took them back after while. 

Tuesday Christian turned 4.  It is hard to imagine since he seems just the same as he did the day before.  They grow so slowly into bigger boys that it sneaks up on me. 

Our gift, just what he wanted. We also bought a bike helmet for his new pedal-less bike. 

Paislee is very close to walking and her greatest entertainment is having some one help. That is, if she can't dig rocks out of the cracks in the concrete.  Pretty good small motor skills there. 

On our way home, we drove through a ferocious wind, with the air so full of dust from just planted fields, it felt like we were driving through fog.  We were expecting rain, but there was none, By the time we got home the air was clear and the wind had lessened.  

We got rain Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, an inch and a half.  Jim is out slogging in the mud trying to get some work done in spite of the weather.  We don't want to get too far behind.  

I got a glimpse of Paislee on Wednesday since Lorene was babysitting for the day.  

I really need a new camera.  None of mine can take good photos in motion, and all I want to take pictures of is kids. 

I love to see the grandkids play with the toys my own children used. 


Anita said...

That pic of the birthday boy looking on while Dad unwraps whatever that is- so cute!

Anita said...

Oh yes- Belated Happy Mother's Day!