Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ordinary Days--in June

I haven't been blogging lately.
I've been busy.
As of today there are 28 days until the wedding.  
So, besides looking after the boys twice a week, keeping my own household clean, fed and clothed, I've been weeding, sewing, cleaning the basement and baking cupcakes.  
I also spend a certain amount of time resting. I have to, I just can't keep up otherwise. 
I have photos, but before I post those I have one story to tell.

When my grandchildren come to visit I always stand at our picture window and wave until they are gone.  When Lorene would open the van windows, little hands would flutter in response. The other day they were there meeting Lynette and then they were all going swimming.  I had a tea party date so I left before them.  I looked back as I was driving away and there were Barry and Christian standing by the window waving good bye.

I see I've posted very few ordinary day photos in June.

Miss Paislee is standing and taking a few steps.

Some special people on a sad occasion. 

Summer Days.

Auntie Dodie sent an ABC gift.  A gift for each letter in the alphabet.
This is "L". 

I love lilies. 

Picking up rocks. 

T-ball is over.

Summer haircuts. 

House Finch. 

Class of 2030!!! 

It looks like the 'Wicked Witch of the West is involved here. 

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Anita said...

Well I've not been reading blogs so have some catching up to do. 😎