Friday, November 5, 2010

There is a Reason...

 for all the mess in my house. 

While Zane is looking all innocent in these photographs, looks can be deceiving.  I rejoice in the fact that Zane is a little easier to take care of these days, since he understands what I'm saying and I don't let him get away with thinking he doesn't. In fact, this morning he actually spent 10 minutes playing with his car in the kitchen while I was finishing up bookwork on the computer.  In fact, right now, he is playing with his toys right behind me and I'm not having to get up and protect the cupboards and the fridge.  Wow!! This is amazing, this is so NICE, this is so better hurry up and finish this post before I have to jump up. 

Some days I think I should put everything movable under lock and key.  When Zane goes through the kitchen he likes to dump the basket of cookie cutters, (to hear the crash, no doubt,) since he seldom does anything with them except try to feed them through the vent at the bottom of the fridge. Anytime I want to get anything done, he is dumping, spreading, opening, so that if I ignore him for even 5 minutes as he is busily entertaining himself, he has given me at LEAST 15 minutes of picking up after I'm done. He spent a good more than 5 with the salt he dumped on the table a couple of days ago, spreading it very evenly across half of it.  He did a nice job, too.  Perhaps he could get employment spreading grass seed or something.

Pure Innocence.

 Of course, these photos don't show what Zane was up to.  I was TRYING to make the bed, Jim started but the two of them were wrestling around in the sheets, so I gave up.

And we had to sleep on a bare mattress that night. 

just kidding

 And doesn't he look so cute smashed into the Lego box. 

At least he did until he decided he needed to be pushed around in it.  Since I am the only one with good enough knees WILLING to push him.  I was elected.  (It seems like the KIDS around here who should be doing it are gone when Zane wants to be pushed. If he DOESN'T want to be pushed, well, they are there with bells on.

You can't see much mess because I cropped it out, and didn't publish the really bad one, I should have, it was just toys. There will be other photos, since toys will be around for awhile.

I'm just glad I didn't look as big from the behind as I thought I might. 

The End


Renee said...

I am chuckling...lovely entertaining post, Shelley!

The J's said...

I'm not really sure what we use for an excuse for when they grow up tho, haven't quite figured that one out!

Dalayna said...

Awww, what a cutie.
It's amazing how quick you learn not to bother picking up the "kid" messes unless you have to for some reason. 5 minutes later it's all back where it was.

Raimie said...

Dear Never a Dull Moment,
I love your new title banner, BTW! Very nice! Esp. The one with Zane's pic in it.

I always think of the quote my mom had on her fridge for ages "Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling snow before it stops snowing." I sure know the feeling. Seems likeyou have to balance the cost of having that ten minutes of blissful ignorance of what they are doing against the forty five minutes it will take to put it all to rights again.

Always Bigger Than I thought in NE