Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drill Sergeant

My daughter knows how to do a lot of things and she is learning to do a few more.  She auditioned for and was accepted into the cast of the high school winter play, with two days notice.  Of course, the winter play isn't a big "oooo, let's go try out for the musical" sort of thing, but it sure is a good place to start. 

Anyway, every cast member has to be on a committee, or whatever the call all the different things that have to be done to put a play on, and she chose set.  So, she has learned a few things about building and putting a set together, including running a drill, and not wearing good clothes to paint in. 

So, when it came time to hang another shelf to put her grand champion trophy on, she used the drill to put in the screws.  Which she did quite nicely, the shelf was hung, the trophy ready to put on, and.....it's too big.  Not, too tall, we compensated for that.  The base it too big to put on a 6" shelf.  So, it is sitting on her bookcase, and she spread out the rest of her trophies.

She does have a lot of trophies, five years of competing in taekwondo, translates into a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.  If you want to see what her grand champion trophy looks like go here.


The J's said...

Impressive! (Your link needs fixed tho--it doesn't work)

Gramma's Corner said...

I think the link is fixed now. I've been having some problems making them work, have to do an extra step. Thanks.

Renee said...

WOW...That's a lot of trophies. Awesome. I love the picture of Jim overseeing the drilling of the holes!!