Sunday, February 13, 2011

Training Him Up Right

My daughter and family came to visit the other day. They came because we had other family here too, an auntie and grampa. It is strange having a daughter come back to visit. To a home that will always be home because we are here, but now she has her own home now, with her own things, and her own family.

So, what little boy doesn't love trains?  This little Zaney boy of ours sure loves them!  The next up cousin has decided he's too big for trains at age 9 and wants Zane to have them.  Auntie Cindy brought a box of some of them which provided entertainment for all the rest of us for the rest of the weekend. The adults had just as much fun as Zane did with putting together as elaborate a track as the pieces we had allowed.  We tried different configurations and different trains, and had them going different directions, and Zane was more hindrance that help in keeping them going.  But, it was all good fun. 

For everyone.

And of course Grampa, is helping make a nice track.

Zane is charmed with the tunnels. 

Now this box of train stuff lives at his house and according to all reports, he is still playing with them.
And I am charmed with just how cute he is.


The J's said...

He is a mighty cute little guy! And trains are just so any age!

Janis said...

Boys and trains just go together. :) I bet you miss that little guy and love the times you see him even more!