Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zane Again

When my daughter was married, we knew we wouldn't see Zane nearly as much.   We are really lucky to have them living only 45 miles away. I was pretty tired out looking after Zane along with my other mom duties, so the rest of every day Zane is nice.  But, we sure enjoy seeing him when we can.  Lorene came down the last two Saturdays, while her hubby is working until late.  Zane gets a chance to play all over our big yard, and she gets to eat a meal she hasn't cooked and help looking after her busy boy. 

I notice changes now that I don't see him everyday.  His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds so I can tell what he's talking about now, what he wants to do and where he wants to go. 

I had cookies when they came and they were the first thing he saw. "Cookie", he says, grabs one and out we go out to enjoy the hottest day of April. Zane loves this little car, but it is hard to drive with a cookie, so he kept hopping out every little bit, to get it from the little picnic table to take bites. So, he would play a little while and say, "cookie!", and want to run in and get another.  I let him get three, but the cat ate one.  I had to hide the rest.

Zane just loves to throw the basketball into the net.  It's just too bad, we don't have one his size.  It's hard work to let him play.

And then, what little boy doesn't like to play in water?

Lorene was a bit annoyed when she saw he was wet, and I asked if she had some extra clothes for him. She didn't, but there are too big clothes saved downstairs. When he comes to our place, he gets dirty. There was water in the seat of the car to sit in, water at the base of the basketball hoop to jump in, sand under the trampoline to throw and sit in, and a dusty gravel drive to drive his loader in. It's hard to take pictures with all that dirt and water, but we got a few.

That's MY boy, and I'm enjoying watching him grow up.  This age is a wonderful age. 


The J's said...

Water play in warm weather is just the best! I'm collecting "mud/rain boots" for grankid play on the farm. Extra clothes on hand is always a necessity too! Fun days!

Dan & Cyndie said...

aw, he's such a cutie!! loved the photos withthe hose :)

gkey said...

Dear ZaneyDay,

Wow, he sure is changing....what fun, and yes 45 minutes away is just not too bad. I can't even complain about 80-90 minutes away!

Little Grands make life even Sweeter

Raimie said...

Dear Gramma With The Cookies,
It is amazing to see the leaps and bounds of changing they do at this age... I see it happening with Pip but it still catches me by surprise when i look at pix of him from a short while ago and compare them to the boy in my lap!

So glad for you that he's not too far away!
Nana Saves Us in NE