Friday, April 29, 2011

Fireman Suit

I didn't buy very many new things when my children were little, but I splurged and bought this little raincoat set for Nathan.  I am assuming he was about 3 when I got it.  I've kept it, since I have a very hard time getting rid of things I've paid full price for.  And Nathan used it to play with for a VERY long time.  Zane is so much bigger than Nathan was that I got it out for him last time he was here.  He didn't want to stand for any pictures.  A coat meant outside time and he was OUT in a hurry.

Zane is not yet 2 1/2

And away we go.

I went looking for pictures of Nathan wearing this rain suit. But I don't have very many.  I found some I forgot I had, though.  These were taken when he was 5 1/2.

Original scrapbook page.


The Millers said...

aww they are both sweetie pies :)

The J's said...

And sweet memories!

safety vest said...

So cute~~~
It's also a right safety education~