Monday, May 2, 2011

The King's Bathtub

When I was a little (and not so little) girl I would go all around our neighborhood finding all the different kinds of violets I could find. In our yard we had the common white ones, light purple ones, and the while with purple streaks in there hearts.  I had to go farther afield to find anything different, and I found some red-violet ones, and once some yellow ones.

I find that the kinds of flowers I like best come from books I've read. Remember "violet vale" from the Anne books, and the buffalo wallow, "a bowl of violets", from the Laura Ingalls Wilder books in South Dakota.

I would go all around picking all the violets I could find, and then I would call on a couple old ladies I especially knew in the neighborhood, and give them a bouquet. 

If you pick off the petals of a violet blossom, you can see the king taking his bath.

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Renee said...

How CLEVER...and such fun you must've had searching for violets in all your neighbors yards. What a sweet picture to envision!