Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take My Advice

We had Zane overnight without his folks for the first time last weekend. He did really well. Of course, we expected that, since he lived here with us for two years. What I had forgotten, though, is how hard it is to keep things picked up off the floor with a little one around.

This is why it is so hard for young mothers. 

Of course, my house isn't really a mess.  It just has a few (very few) toys on the floor.  When I had kids it was about 100 times worse, plus there were dishes and laundry not done, or partly done, and lying around, and we won't even talk about dust and bathrooms. 

I noticed, however, as the kids got bigger, it was easier to keep things picked up, they didn't play with many toys anymore, and I had more energy and desire to clean up.  I WANTED a clean and tidy house.  So, now that I am infected with that germ, I have to learn to not sweat the small stuff all over again.  (I'm not sure I did that so well when the kids were little, though.)

I'm not going to put pictures on here of what life with kids is really like, and lest you think I'm crazy for thinking the few things on the floor I've taken pictures of, constitutes a real mess for me, it doesn't.  I wrote this post to point out to myself some of the changes that have been taking place in my life.  I'm used to "no toys on the floor" and when I got the twinge, (after walking over that crazy train for the 20th time), of "oh, no, there's toys all over and I don't have time to pick them up because I'm cooking", I was able to take a deep breath and think, "big deal, Zane won't be here for very long, I'll have plenty of time to pick them up later, and this isn't anything like what I used to do",

And, really, anytime I'm able to take a deep breath and think about the really important things in life, I realize I must be growing up after all. 



The J's said...

How true!
The more kids I had, the more I cut back on the toys. The one thing that helped me deal with the whole "kid toy mess" at my house, was long ago when we were visiting some dear friends, she cleaned up/had her kids help- the toys/kid mess every night before they went to bed. She said at least that way, the house was clean in the morning when she got up, and she wasn't adding yesterday's mess on to today's.

janis said...

I think I must be "growing up" too! It's so much nicer when you can be relaxed about it, isn't it?!