Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Have the Boys Today

I have the boys today.  I like saying that, and I get along all right, too, if I just make up my mind, that I'm not going to be able to do anything I want to do, or anything remotely fun, either.  Lorene is here for a few days while her husband is training somebody, or getting training in Council Bluffs.  It is boring in her little apartment with no internet, and she has to work anyway, so being here makes fewer trips to Grand Island.  She is working 7am to 7pm today, which makes a very long day, but Barry still naps and as long as I keep Zane off the computer he will play nicely with his toys.  He has been playing for a couple of hours with his Thomas train set, and now he is into the Legos, and Barry is sleeping.  We have made a lemon pound cake, (from a mix), put the laundry in the dryer, (I hope Zane didn't turn it off), played a game as well as the aforementioned activities, had snack and it is 11:00 am and time to think about lunch.  Maybe we'll just have pound cake.  Except it will make me sleepy and crabby, and Zane hyper and crabby, so I guess that isn't a good idea.  Plus there are about a million leftovers in the fridge and freezer from the turkey dinner we had a week ago and I just keep making more food!!  You think we had to eat around here or something.  I think we need to have a eat all the leftovers for dinner day.  I'm going to be gone this weekend to see my brother with daughter number one and THE BOYS, while Jim is here with daughter number two while she goes a very long way away to district one-acts.  Now you think they could eat all those leftovers in the fridge, but is Jim is here by himself, he will eat ham sandwiches and when Lynette is there, they will want to eat out, so all that will happen is that I will come home to older leftovers.
Well, that lasted a long time.  Barry is awake already, and I've been up checking on the cake since Zane was worried about it and fixing the train track.  I wonder why I thought I could blog anything anyway?

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Darcie said...

Enjoy the boys! :-)