Monday, December 26, 2011

Snow Fun

 This is the first time my brother got to see his great-nephew Barry Thomas.  

It was also the first time we got snow.  Tim is beloved of all his nieces and nephews because he is young at heart and willingly plays with them. So, as the snow came softly down, 
(after a whole bunch of the stuff came down not so softly)
the youngest members of the family (sans under threes) went out to slide on the packed snow on the road in front of my folks house.
Oh, how often I did this during my growing up years! 
I love snow by the way, but I love it a lot more from the inside these days than I do from the outside.
I used to love a good walk in the snow, on those perfect days, with snow coming down, 32 degrees with no wind, but I'm lazier now.  

I did go out to take pictures of the spectacle.  I tried to take some without the flash.  It gives a softer look, but the flash ensures we can see the action.  I have only a point and shoot digital, so the photos aren't great, but I never did get any pictures of all the times I slid on this road when I was young, my 110 camera just couldn't do that, even if I would find someone willing.  So, taking a trip down memory lane gives us these. 

And, from my old home, you can see the town Christmas tree in the middle of the intersection on Main Street 5 blocks away.

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