Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time to Write

I am going to write today.  
I don't have anything else to do. 
Well, I do, but it isn't time to do those things.  
It isn't time to make supper, I like to wait until she gets home from work so she can eat with her parents.  It isn't time to pile all the suitcases in the living room for the same reason.
We are going to Oregon.  My brother lives there, and we are going to fly out to see him. My parents are generously offering us this trip as a celebration of a cancer-free summer. Sadly, my hubby can't go, but my son and said daughter are.  We are trying to get everything into carry on bags with one check bag, for a 7-day trip. I am only bringing two pairs of shoes. Everything matches, I'm only bringing one sweater.  I'm wearing the clothes that take up the most room on the plane.  The check-in bag will have all the hair, body and face products that my teenagers are taking.  I thought about buying them after we get there, but I changed my mind after seeing the array of bottles and sprays.  Not only will they cost more that the $25 charged, I would have to leave them there.   

This is the first time I will be away from home for a week since my surgery.  I am stepping very far out of my comfort zone, and I'm a little worried.  I'm also pushing out of my mind what my peculiar routines and food preferences might do to my and everyone else's enjoyment.  
I'm pushing them out because, really, so what if this is the first time to deal with it away from home.  It won't be the only time, if I am going to go places and do things, I will have to get used to life as I live it, and what better time than the present.  I'm not going to starve to death if there isn't food for me to eat, I'm going to buy soup for the "just in case", times at home.  I'm going to take Ensure with me, so I have something to eat when I'm out.  
The only thing that is really essential to my well-being, is my water.  Fifteen minutes without it, and my mouth is so dry I start coughing, and then I throw up.  Not a pretty sight. 
I have a bag to carry my water bottle and an extra.  I have a letter from my doctor that says it is medically necessary for me to have it with me at all times, so I should be able to walk through security with it. I'm prepared in case something happens and that doesn't work. I have a 2 oz. spray bottle to keep my mouth moist.  
It really is time for cleaning the dishes out of the sink, and for setting the table, (since that can be done early,) or changing from one purse to another.  Or sweeping the floor. Or bringing my suitcase out. 
It could also be time for a nap, I could use one, we are leaving at 5 am tomorrow morning. and I bet I don't go to bed early tonight.  
That time will come far too early, so I think I'll take the time for the nap.


The J's said...

I'm excited for you! So happy two of your kids get to go too! and what better place for you to step out of your "normal" than with your family. Have a wonderful time, will be looking forward to hearing all about it!

Renee said...

YaY for trips with family..and especially when they are also to go SEE family! I hope you just have a splendid time. One sweater wouldn't do me... I would have to take a warm hoodie. I have finally learned after a half a century of living that no matter WHERE you are going, and no matter WHAT time of year you are going...take a warm jacket. It can and probably WILL be chilly sometime or other. Maybe I get that from Gramma've got her blood in you better pack a jacket. : ) Happy travels.

The Millers said...

Sometime has to be the first time :) might as well be with fabulous family!