Monday, February 24, 2014

February Hair...

And a Whole Lot of Other Things

I haven't blogged very much this month.  I wonder if anyone noticed?  
I've been doing other things.  My project list for the new year included getting all of Lynette's pictures in scrapbooks.  So, I have been putting all my time and energy into getting that done.  When I got current on her books, I finished Nathan's.  Now I am working on getting my book current.  I am on a roll, and can't think of anything else.  

I am posting a few photos so you know what I've been doing.  

But, first, February hair!!

It is finally long enough to put up in this half-braid thingy, thanks to my daughter.
This is a quick job, and I have since learned to do it myself.  
I love to have her do it, though.

Side View 

And now, the length. 

Projects, all involving photos. 

Other Projects

Another Afghan 

and Barry.

Actually, it is Jim's project he is playing with, that is conduit for the garage.


MEJ said...

I'm so impressed with your projects and what all you've got done on them ! Since I finished Jasper`s I haven't dug into another scrapbook project yet, and I need to. Looks like your hair is getting a good length to have fun with now! Wonder if it's different in texture than before?

Sharon said...

Love the hair and all the progress on projects!!

Juli said...

How do you get so much done? I think I must be having a "winter slump!" I can't even get excited about projects. Love your beautiful hair!

Renee said...

I love your new posts. I enjoy your writings!

Darcie said...

Looks like you have been a busy bee with all your projects! I smiled at Juli's comment, because I feel like I have been in a 'winter slump' too!

Gramma's Corner said...

Sharon Mulford says,"Love the hair and all the progress on projects!!"

Gramma's Corner said...

Pam Black says, "Your hair looks good."

Anita said...

Hair's getting to the fun stage! :)