Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day by Day--March

I started keeping these day by day photos so I could go back over the year and see the kinds of things that happen in those flying months.  I don't know what happened this month because everything got mixed up.  I have several photos for one day and none for other days.  Once in a while I do miss a day and make it up, but this month is such a mess it is more like "I did a lot of ordinary things this month, just maybe not on the day specified."
And really, that is what it is about, ordinary days.

2. My daughter (and her family) moved to a great big house in Pleasanton, with four bedrooms. The boys spent most of the first week running through the wide open spaces.
3. Barry is going to school, just like mom.
4. Christian's favorite mess making toy, plus he's cute. I just love that smile.
5. Boot holder-uppers made from old sweater sleeves. The sweater body is a couch pillow. 
6. Two new scarves. These were rather experiments. I've always got something going in the knitting and crocheting area.
7. Christian can walk behind a push toy.  (He's been doing that a little while.) If he runs up against something he goes around the the front and pushed it the other way.
8. Christian can stand alone. He also can open the cupboards and take things out.  I just hope he doesn't drop anything on his feet.
9. March hair, compliments of my daughter. It is so nice of her to help me out with my hair and not mind doing it.
10. Spring is coming!!! It didn't freeze.
11. I'm enjoying the piano again.
12. Our message board. These photos of the message board aren't working. It says, "Dad is gone W, Th and maybe F." Lynette's lunch schedule,
 M-Quesadilla T-egg salad sandwich, W-PB&J (grape), Th-chicken salad (the lettuce kind) and  Lynette's whale.  She draws nice whales.  
13. Barry, at Gramma's.  He has his fingers wrapped because he broken a finger running over it, himself, which the big plastic pirate ship, go figure. 
14. Sisters forever.
15. Sunset, always there, always changing.  One of the beautiful things about our place.
16. My dad gave me 50 un-circulated dollar bills, in consecutive order for an early birthday present.  What will be good enough to spend those on? 
17. This is what makes my nightly cocoa and cookie treat.
18. More boot holder uppers.  Nothing feels so good as using things up.  I also like the thought of helping my boots. The body of this sweater isn't a pillow yet.  
19. Sunrise is a lot later after Daylight Savings Time.  
20. I love to grow something by my sink.  Parsley takes a lot of water but the water globe is a bit a joke.  It's pretty, but not large enough to do any good.
21. 50th birthday cards.
22. Prom night, "Keep me posted, please", picture of sticky note...."I am home".  ha ha ha, good grief.
23. New glasses, she looks so much older.  My youngest is a young lady.  I'm not really ready for this.
24. Christian is now a biped. 
25. Digging in my "appliance manual" file, I found a the original stove manual with a registration card with the old computer punch holes in it.  Does anyone remember those?  We used them my first year at college registration, 1983.
26. Digging in my Grandma's quilting supplies.  Those hearts are material left over from a jumper I made, the diamond pattern from an envelope I sent Grandma.  My handwriting, their address. My Grandma made quilts, lots of them, they are a part of my heritage.  
27. Zane loves to figure things out and see how they work.  This is the mousetrap game which he loves.  I do too, I loved to play with the one my folks . .    had.
28. Another birthday gift!!  It's such a pretty color.  It has a better chance of staying alive living by my sink.
29. Succulent garden planning seminar.  After spending most of my birthday money, I have a cute mini-garden.  I hope this one stays alive.  Last years didn't.
30.   A note to the family about the grocery list says, "What kind of razor refills people!"  And my smart aleck says, "Razors don't refill people. Nothing refills people. They are a single use kind of thing." ha ha ha (serious eye rolling going on here) 
31. This day is the birthday of a very special young man who has beaten a serious bone marrow disease.  I am choosing it as a celebration of victory in life.

1. My daughter is an amazing artist in training.  She wants me to provide this disclaimer, "The boy is sad because his features are off."
2. Everyone loves cinnamon rolls!!  Even me, dunked in cocoa.  What am I going to do in the summer?
3. Snow!! In April!! We got a little over an inch with quite a big of melting as it came down. 
4. I need more jelly. I also need to clean up the freezer, so I made strawberry and peach with a touch of strawberry.
5. I really cleaned out the freezer, I made a batch of grape jelly from frozen grapes, tomato juice from frozen tomatoes, and soup puree from frozen zucchini.  I also went to bed totally exhausted.  


Juli said...

What a fun way to "keep a diary?" I enjoyed reading about your month!

Darcie said...

You are going to LOVE these pictures, description's of your months!

Anita said...

I, too, enjoy these picture posts!
Keep the 50 one's for........sometime? ;)