Sunday, May 25, 2014

April/May--Day by Day

So, this is late, very, very late.  I was busy, and hiding, and had writer's block.  
I spent the end of April and up until the middle of May working very, very hard on the flower garden.  I got tired and just couldn't do anything else, and then it was like I was afraid to go back and blog.  I think I was afraid of all the work it would take to crop and number these photos and then remember why I even took them.  
I went to a non-fiction writers workshop this week, and while I didn't admire the woman's style of writing or much of her advice, there were two things I took home with me.  One, was to write a little everyday and the other was to always have some paper handy, so your ideas don't get lost.  
So, I'm taking the bull by the horns and spending an afternoon sorting photos, losing them, editing them, finding them, and blogging them.  
I'm hoping I'll get back into the regular-ish swing of things.  It is hard to get going when you're tired.  

6. A familiar sight on the countdown to the end of the senior year.  Research paper time!!
7. Comfort food.  The warm cocoa softens baked goods and makes them easier for me to eat.
8. Signs of spring!! Looks like my pink and purple hyacinths didn't make it over the winter.
9. Still knitting, reversible or double knitting looks worth a try. (and that's all)
10. Bills are still due on the 10th. 
11. Sick girls are no fun.  I can't remember what was the matter, but a fun fact--we had to go in to urgent care for pink-eye on the Sunday before finals week.
12. Scillas, my favorite.  Love that blue.
13. King's Buffet for an early birthday treat.  (not mine)
14. More snow in April.  
15. Finished another baby blanket. 
16. It's hard work sometimes to get two boys to play together nicely.  This time is worked, Barry did the pounding. Christian did the laughing.
17. My car.    I like the way it drives, the way it fits into parking places and it's gas mileage.  Even though I said I would never drive a PT, I like my car.
18. Baked kale chips, easy to make, but nobody likes them here. 
19. Fiery sunrise.
20. My favorite, oh I said that already.  Daffy's are my real favorite.  My birth month flower, but they didn't bloom until April.
21. I planted pansies on the north edge of the shop. It is shady there.
22. Tiptoe through the tulips...with me.
23. Another favorite.  Sigh, I like flowers.  This is a pink almond. When I was a kid we had an almond bush and the blooms where white with a blush of pink. I have never found anything like it.  This is the closest I've found.
24. School program.  My photos were horrible, I think my camera is horrible on anything that moves.  But, anyhow, there's my boy, bowing after a exuberant performance.
25. More of my Grandma A's quilt blocks.  There is a whole quilt worth of these plus the pattern and material for the sashing. 
26. I love me some Christian boy.
27. This mug is my boon companion, except when it is in the fridge, the towel cupboard, on the dryer....
28. Amazing sun pouring down in the evening.
29. I just loved the look of the lowering clouds.
30. I love flowers in the house, even when they are not mine.

1. The rows are finished on the rag quilt.  This is the back side.
2. It won't be long until these aren't going out the door together, every school day.
3. Sewing more blocks.
4. First spring harvest.  Our one miserable plant that is YEARS old has nearly enough shoots for a mess.
5. Lilacs!! My other favorite.  One of my favorite smells in other springs.
6. This isn't a very good photo since it was taken through glass and with my phone. I made this shawl during knitting class.  I love it.
7. My Grandma's hat. She loved gardening. I wear it out in the garden to keep the sun off and think of her.
8. Pond in the making.
9. The apple tree is really blooming, will we have more frost?  I hope we don't get that many apples.
10. The chickens are laying bountifully. New eggs don't peel, but a week old ones will. 

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Anita said...

Still like this pic-a-day posting! And I LOVE spring flowers!