Saturday, June 14, 2014

View From Home

I love our place. 
 It is beautiful to me in early spring. 
 These pictures aren't great scenes of beauty that would be published in the pages of magazines.  They are pictures of home.  

I've taken a lot of photos of the front of our house.  I've taken a lot of photos from our front stoop. Those pictures tell only part of the story.  They say a lot about what we see when we walk out our door, but there's a lot of life that happens in the back.  

We were looking after our Christian-grandbaby one over-night because Mama was sick and said grandbaby wasn't sleeping well at night.  We figured the one who should be sleeping was the sick one.  So, along with watching (and he's worth watching) this little monkey, I set about tiring him out.  

Deck steps-back of the house.

For many years we wouldn't even consider taking photos back here behind our shop.  It has been cleaned up some since the chickens live back here and we are planting a windbreak.

Town is less than a mile away now. 

 The garden and the backyard.

I just love the expression on this little boy's face. 

I love this, when I came out to join the fun and take pictures, there was no sign of anyone watching this little critter.  There he is, dancing in the street.  
Actually he is a long way from the road, and Papa was in the shop and could see him.  

 I don't think Papa knows what this boy is doing.

 Home is where your people are. 


Aunt Dodie said...

I sure enjoyed this; made me just a wee bit lonesome to see it all again. Wow, looks good behind the shop!

Juli said...

Love these pictures! Your place is sure looking nice!

Renee said...

Aww I loved this. Your place is lovely. I admired it so much when we were there recently. Yes, isn't it true...home is where your people are. This blog post is a winner!!