Monday, June 16, 2014

Day by Day--May/June

If I thought last months day by day was a mess.  This one is worse.  I am finding it harder and harder to remember to take a photo everyday.  I am busy watering, gardening, hanging out clothes,  and doing the usual, cooking, cleaning, laundering, resting. 
I also had a hard time getting enthused about doing those things.  I felt sluggish and like I was dragging myself along. So, I didn't get as many of the afore-mentioned things done as I should have. So, probably the real reason I had a hard time getting the "photo-a-day" done, was not the busyness, but the laziness. 

11. Happy Mother's Day with an original pastel drawling on my card.  
12. I loved the Fisher Price little people house when I was a kid.  I played with it all the time.  Now I have one for the grandkids.
13. Lynette's last day of "real school".  I watched her drive way many, many times the last few years.  
14. I know the National Honor Society evening deal was not  on a Wednesday evening.  I think it was Monday, but I got tired of editing these photos.  Besides I could have taken the picture of the medal a different day.
15. When you have chickens, you have deviled eggs.
16. Our Christian-baby is now ONE-YEAR-OLD!!  
17. A very good friend sent me an encouraging card as we were preparing for the BIG WEEKEND.  
18. This day is graduation day.  No, I do not have a photo of the graduate.  She got her own blog post.  This photo is part of the flower garden that I about killed myself off getting ready for the day.  I know I really wouldn't have needed to do it, but there is nothing like a deadline to get a project done.
19. Marigolds by the mailbox.
20. A favorite breakfast, cracked wheat with fruit cooked with honey.
21. Plants to plant. I'm not planting a huge amount this year.  I am spending all my energy on getting the weeds out of the flower garden.  I have a 5 perennials and some lobelia for the deck.
22. This perfectly balanced broccoli came that way from the store.  No alteration needed.  Cheesy broccoli soup is my soup of choice at the moment.  It is easy-cheesy.
23. You know, now that I think of it this was yesterday.  I had the best time watching Christian man-handle that push toy.  He tipped it up and down, pushed it and pulled it, knocked it over and put it back up again.
24. Watching the arrival board at the airport.  We are expecting our traveler home.
25. Measurable rain!! .30"
26. We have our garden planted.  Beans, beets, okra, yellow and zucchini squash, cucumbers and tomatoes. We have reduced our garden in size. And the corn is planted.
27. Hair long enough for a braid!.
28. Three boys in one place at the same time.  This doesn't usually happen, and it isn't my photo.  But, it's my boys.
29. Toad in the garden!  I watered him out of the ground.  He didn't like being drowned out. 
30. Baby boy overnight and too many blueberries means a diaper wash.
31. Mini blue goose pies (blueberry/gooseberry) for a potluck.  It was Lynette's idea, and she helped.
1. I have a dessert maker here now.  She's pretty proud of the fancy two-layer cake she made.  Recipe found on pinterest.  It was delicious.
2. Everyday this little black kitty is waiting for a handout.
3. Fantasy self-portrait (not me)  
4. Jim and I went walking out back of our property where the city is building a new sewer project.  Coming back I got a look at our property from a different angle.  
5. We have a new member in our household.  A tablet for the business.
6. I thought 70* as the high of the day was pretty chilly for June.
7. Finished two graduation gift afghans.
8. 27th Anniversary
9. Flowers from the boyfriend (not mine)
10. My climbing roses on the arbor have never looked better, just when I'm thinking of getting rid of them.  
11. My first harvest, spinach from by the front step.
12. Sandhill crane lawn ornament from my dad.
13. My daughter has earned her nursing assistant certification.  In two weeks. Good job!!
14. The storm building up here stayed east and south of us.  We got .90" of rain out of the deal.  Three miles away at our shop, we got 3.10"    

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