Monday, July 21, 2014

June/July -- Day by Day

What started out as a really neat idea is turning out to be more like a nightmare.  
Well, not really a nightmare, but certainly more stressful than I imagined.  The busier I get in the summer the more I forget to take a picture on the day. However, things happen and sometimes over and over again, not just on the one day.  And really, who cares, these photos are for me to remember my days.  
You just get to take a peek. 
The nightmarish part came in because for some reason picasa would not recognize a few photos I had already edited on that program and had to re-do them. Arrgh.  It made what should have been a quick an easy post into one that is taking half the day.  
Of course, the fact that I have three grandsons here at the moment, might have something to do with it.   

15. Father's Day
16. First harvest of the season, spinach!
17. I cut this clematis way back and wished I hadn't, but it is growing like mad and blooming. 
18. Lynette decided she wants to learn to sew. 
19. Using a pattern.  (She is pretty good, too.)
20. Handprints make a butterfly decorated pot. 
21. Christian
22. My roses are blooming.
23. I've decided to alter some skirts.  This one is a little longer than I would like, but the fabric is so pretty.
24. A skirt of Lynette's for me.  I love it.
25. A dress into a maxi skirt.
26. Barry is a goof.
27. I love these blue eyes and the cute little teeth and the great big smile.
28. These clematis are more purple than they were in the first photo,  I don't know why.
29. Here we are a little mixed up.  On the 28th I spent the day with the boys at their house while the mama and daddy worked.  Jim came in the afternoon to give me some help and to see the boys, too.  But, I liked the photos and I missed a few days.
30. Zane making a shower on his play set. 
1. I've been putting a lot of strawberries in the freezer to use in homemade ice cream and on my cereal. 
2. Zane is blowing up four balloons at once.  He can't blow them all the way up, but I thought it was pretty neat that he could get air in four at a time.
3.Laundry is a part of everyday life.  This basket has been with me since I've been married.  It has a crack in it and I'm going to hate to give it up.
4.  O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.
5. Awww, from my daughter.
6. I love this color!  Some nice people gave me this plant.  I hope it blooms again.
7. On the road to Texas!
8. It was hot there, and the pool water was perfect.
9. On the lake.
10. My brother and sister-in-law in their home.  We are heading to ours.  
11. First zucchini scramble of the season, yum.
12. First dill pickles.
13. De-tasseling is going on, and so are the blisters.  Sore feet!!
14. Purple and orange sunrise.  
15. This is COLD for the middle of July!
16. Library craft day was yesterday and I decorated a bag.
17. A pair of red-headed woodpeckers has moved in.
18. A corn plant is growing in my flower garden. 
19. The Blue Angels at Offutt Air Force Base.


Renee said...

I enjoyed the peek at your days!!

Darcie said...

It always does get a little frustrating when little projects take a long time! Enjoyed the glimpse of your days.