Monday, November 17, 2014

October Day by Day

I did a little better this month taking a photo every day with just one spot with "how long has it been since I took one?"
 This is life today.

28. Menomonie, Wisconsin
29. My mailbox mum.  It is gorgeous. But you can see that.
30. Barry doesn't like bugs, but who should be afraid of a dragonfly?  It wasn't long before he was chasing them with me.

1. Wild hair on the trampoline.
2. Calm hair after the haircut.
3. Christian got a haircut, too.  These boys don't look so much like babies anymore, but little boys sure steal my heart.
4. The blue with pink clouds is rather a unique sunrise.
5. These are my mainstays.  I love tea from my kettle and wheat cereal for breakfast.
6. Here are two years worth of hair.
7. I've been doing some deep cleaning.  It was bedroom day today. It always gets worse before it gets better.
8. I love my sunrises.
9. Sorting Lego pieces, I find I have a lot of heads without bodies.
10. Portrait of me, by Zane.
11. The ubiquitous water bottle plus my second, and better water bottle holder.
12. These are old and beautiful pillow slips with tatting insertion.  They've gone to a new and more appreciative owner.
13. Me and the Giant Peach, with compliments to Roald Dahl. (Too bad I didn't think to have Jim hold it.
14. The "Betsy books" by Maud Hart Lovelace are some of my favorites.
15. I've discovered that these magic pops, sold in our new HyVee store and the only snacky type food I can eat comfortably.  They just melt away into nothing, because they are nothing. 
16. October's bright blue weather.  The blue and gold of October make it a favorite month.  We were on our way to Ogallala with a load of equipment for a job. Jim had to make an extra trip since they needed more loads than they had drivers and I went along for the ride.  Actually I think this was done on a Saturday, like the next one.
17. These glasses came from my Grandma Appleman.  I am very careful with them since I don't want the dishwasher to wash the pattern off.  I wonder how old they are.  I don't think they were used much, they are in pristine condition.
18. Woolly bear caterpillers.  About the only ones I can tolerate, However, my aversion to caterpillers does not extend to the furry ones.  Unless they are on me. 
19.  This day we spent several hours in Cottonmill park.  It was a perfect fall day.  We wandered around looking at the leaves and the geese and the caterpillers.  We drove around the park and just generally enjoyed the day!
20. Volunteer day with some of my favorite people.
21. It was foggy this morning.
22. I love the colors of harvest.  I am a grandchild of the soil. I love to watch the round of the seasons.
23. I planted a very small 1" tall morning glory plant that grew up that corn plant by my deck stairs. (See past day by day posts.)
24. Zane was home on a "mom goes to school today and gramma comes to watch us" day. This was a boy firefighter, the purple balloon was the lady.
25. This photo was posted on facebook by some interested parties.  This was a long time ago, like 20 years ago.  It is hard to believe that the little girl pictured is all grown up and a mama, and that my mama, is just a little older in that photo than I am now.  My hair is older than hers was, though.
26. More fog, and those fog photos ought to be shown bigger than this because they are really neat.
27. Violets blooming in the fall.
28. I love this little statue of the girl with the frog. It has moved from place to place among my flowers. Evening shadows are lengthening across the board Lynette painted.  The petunias were a volunteer surprise by the front door.
29. Lynette and I seem to be the only ones that enjoy this game, and she beats me every time.
30. Harvest is winding down for many farmers.  The shorn fields are as beautiful as the standing corn.
31. My hands.  When a three year old takes a photo, he's not really looking to see what he is getting.  This isn't a very good one of my hands.  I was thinking of those hands.  For 50 years they have served me well.  I hope I will use them to serve others.  

1. Our first (of several I hope) pumpkin pie.  We had two made by my daughter's hands. (And my head.)


Darcie said...

I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around how quickly fall if flying by. I am sure you are aware too when you put these collages together. Like your sunrise picture, I am slowing learning to love the sunrise as much as the sunset. ;-)

Renee said...

I do love your day by day pictures!!