Saturday, October 25, 2014

Boys, Boys

As anyone knows who reads this blog, I look after my grandsons for a few hours on Fridays.  I try to remember to bring my camera along so I can take pictures if anyone does anything cute.  
Since looking after three boys is usually not a hands free activity I don't always get any.  

However, this is what we were doing while Christian was down for his nap. 
(In case anyone is worried about neglect, since we were outside and he was in, the monitor turned up all the way worked very well.)

Barry knows just how to run a motorcycle. 

Now, a camera in the hands of little boys...

(Sigh, I am old school, they know too much)

And, back in my hands.
These two can play fairly well together as long as Barry is following big brother.  You can see here, he wants to do things his way.
Look closely.

This a boy balloon fireman, the girl one was purple. 
Imagination and an energetic spirit fires this boy,

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Darcie said...

What special memories those Fridays are and will be!