Thursday, October 2, 2014

August/September--Day by Day

I really lost the ball on this "take a photo every day" during this cycle.  At one point I woke up and thought, "I haven't taken any photos lately!"  That spell was over a week.  
So, what I have done is used 35 photos taken over the course of what should have been the 5 weeks of consecutive days in the August/September cycle and used those.  
They were not take one a day, but they were all taken for a reason, some with this post in mind, some not.  They are numbered in numerical order, not calendar order. 

1. Our pullets are laying eggs, so now we get a double yolk-er now and again.
2. Every morning I notice the sunrise.  It is new every morning.
3. This was taken August 26th.  The day I went for what turned out to be my final MRI, barring exceptional circumstances.  These are my MRI socks.  
4. This mug from my dad, "What cancer cannot take from you It cannot take away your faith, shatter your hope or lesson your love.  It cannot destroy true friendship, invade the soul, or take away eternal life.  It cannot conquer your spirit"
5. A Friday babysitting day, Lorene is in class, I am watching the two little boys.  
6. August 27th, Barry turned three.
7. We celebrated Barry's birthday on the 29th, with a construction birthday cake.
8. I remember these dishes from when I was a kid.  They were the "special" ones, but they weren't favorite's of my mom's so she gave them to Lorene, who loves them.
9. Barry helped Papa build a sandbox for his birthday present.
10. Zane spent Barry's birthday hidden in a cave of blankets, downstairs, away from the party lest he infect everyone with a stomach virus.
11. Callaway Kite Fly, August 30th.  It was a pretty neat day, watching all sorts of colorful flags flying.  The best was one with 5 fish attached to one line, Each fish was over 10 feet long.
12. One rooster in amongst the hens.  He made good broth, but tough eating.
13. I love this little vase that usually hangs on my window.  Those little pink roses I also love.  There is just something about pink roses.  Besides, I carried them when I was married.
14. My brother gave us a tie-dye pair of pajamas when Lorene was little.  She wore them from age 2-5 and then Lynette wore them until they were too small.  When Zane was born Tim sent him a little onesie suit of the same stuff.  Now, all three of those boys have worn the little one, and boy2 is on the large one.
15. When you want chocolate chip cookies and all you have is mini m&m's....
16. The "three cuspideers" together at York after many years not together at York. 
17. Irrigation has ended.  The corn is drying.
18.  Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting.
19. Another Friday babysitting.  Barry likes my homemade playdough best.
20. Scrapbooking again.  Lynette's graduation book, her photos until the end of 2014 and most of my stuff is going OUT!! Sorted and thrown.
21. Yay! Grapes from a friend.  I will sort them and put them in the freezer to be made into juice and jam in the middle of winter.
22. I have the two little boys on Monday afternoons while mama is volunteering with the Activity Director at the nursing home.  This Little Tykes car is now on multi-generational use.
23. This is a third boy wearer of this cute little outfit, too.
24. Anyone remember Ticonderoga pencils?
25. I love the sunsets, too, but I don't know how well the pink shows up in-between the leaves.
26. John Deere shirts.
27. At the zoo with great-grandpa, gramma and papa, grammy and auntie, mom, dad, and three little boys. I was worn out with all that walking. 
28. Our ash tree is rushing the season.
29. Harvest has started.
30. It is embarrassing to think how long this sign has been in the cupboard without being on the wall for Jim to see.  I deep cleaned the cupboard, found it and with the help of 'command strips'...viola.
31. I've got my things ready to grab and go tomorrow.  My purse, my knitting and my ever present water bottle.
32. Leaves are falling in pretty colors in Wisconsin.
33. Barns and dairy farms are a big feature of the area we were in.
34. Our weekend was more special than colored trees.
35. Sunday go-to-meeting shoes.


Darcie said...

Well you did a grand job in catching up! Like the picture of you and your honey, and your going to meeting shoes! ;-)

Anita said...

I thought number 33 looked familiar! :-)
Very nice to get another if these posts!
And hurray for the final MRI!

Renee said...

I am eating a pumpkin bar with cream cheese frosting as I read this. So yummy! I remember the pink roses in your wedding bouquet. So pretty! I love that your MRI was clear. So thankful. I love your day by day ( or almost day by day ) photo documents of your life. So nifty.