Thursday, October 16, 2014

I am Cancer Free!

Ten days ago, I posted what I figured would be my last "cancer/recovery" post, but I was wrong.  
THIS will be the last post.

I had an appointment with my oncologist today.  I had previously done the x-ray he asks for. I had blood drawn, my blood pressure, oxygen levels and temperature taken.  Then we sit down for the routine, any new symptoms, pain, weakness, change? Are there any questions?  Are you eating well?  
I get my lungs checked, my lymph nodes checked.  This is all standard procedure. 
Then she goes out to bring back the doctor who comes in all smiles, "this a a milestone, this is the place we've been working for".  "You're two years past treatment, we don't need to check you so closely"
If I was to have a recurrence it would have happened by now.  
He didn't ask me the 40 million questions about how I am living my life like he usually does.  He just gently reminded me that I fought through a horrible time and now it's over.  

It's over.  
I feel weird.
  It's like somebody just gave me the keys to the rest of my life.  I feel like someone is letting go of a string and I'm flying away.  
There's a little piece in there that is frightened with the letting go.  

I guess it's just hard to believe it's real. 


I still have 6 month check ups for the next year or so.


The Chairman's Wife said...

Four fabulous words! "I am cancer free". Congrats!

denise said...

Wonderful news!! I haven't commented before, but I enjoy reading your blog and wanted to let you know how happy I am for you and your family! Hugs!

Renee said...

Oh wow. This blog post just makes me smile and smile and smile. Shelley, how AWESOME!! The picture of the two of you is excellent. Are you getting some copies made for your cousins and such? :)

Anita said...

Oh what wonderful words! I, too, am just smiling and smiling!
Thanks for writing this post, too. Especially the last part. It's something I would not have known about- about feelings of uncertainty. Yet I suppose cancer has set the bounds, maybe, of life for now than 2 years and now, it's just gone. It reminds me a bit of what people here say it was like to live through perestroika, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the consequential opening of borders.

Dorothy said...

As Bon said, after your previous post, thank you for paying the price to be with us today. I quite vividly remember one of your friends exiting your hospital room in tears, saying, "Can't they just let up a little bit?" And I realized it was a mortal enemy you were fighting, and had to say, "They can't! They just can't!" There are some battles we just can't let up on, although they take every bit of strength to continue fighting.

Oleva said...

Hi Shelley and Jim,
So happy to read the good news.
You have been brave together through the tough experiences. Loved
your spirit and relationship together at convention, was really a privilege to be with you and share "job" time between the meetings!!
C. and O.

Kerry and Janna said...

:) so very :) for you and your family