Sunday, August 24, 2014

July/August Day by Day--sort of

This is the worst month yet of recording an every day photo.  It just didn't get done.  I was way busier this month with the garden in huge production mode and I was too busy to remember and too tired to think.  
This however, is the point, to remember those busy days because they can go by so fast and then I think: what happened? where did the time go?  what did I do?  
This post is a mix of some of the highlights as well as some of the main events.  Where I didn't take photos, I put in more of the latter.  
Some of these photos are hard to see, but it isn't the photos so much as what I want to remember about those days.

20. My hair is long enough to make a cute little bun.
21. Zane is an imaginative, innovative child.  He also likes symmetry is his work.  These were his Uncle Nathan's Lincoln logs
22. I bought new measuring cups!!  You may not think this is worth remembering, but the ones I had I've had for 25 years, even more importantly, I threw the other ones away, sort of.  I relegated one to the canning tools.
23. Apples!!  Here is a sink full of the first picking of yellow summer apples off the first tree.  I made applesauce.
24. Spray planes are a common sight around here.  There is a corn field just north of us so they fly right over the house.
25. More pickles.
26. Forget-me-nots.  I love their blue color.  I got the package of seeds as a gift from some campaigner.
27. Jim's got his head in a tree, picking more apples.
28. Mom and Dad came so Mom could help me make applesauce, and get some for herself.  Dad requested an apple pie.  We made three.  We ate two and froze one.  I rolled out the dough for the top crust and without thinking made the cuts for the breathing holes.  It's the pattern my mom made, and her mom made and ...
29. Mom and I had tea and pie in the flower garden after a busy day.
30. Cinnamon pull apart bread.  Like I didn't do enough already this weekend.
31. On August 2nd, we took Zane to the Air and Space Museum.  We have been wanting to take him on a little trip just with Gramma and Papa.  I didn't seem to take any photos before or after the big day so I have some snapshots of the trip.
1.  We also took him to the Wildlife Safari. Pelicans are funny looking birds.
2. Zane loves to get his hands on things, to feel them and find out how they work.  The first thing he asked when he saw this missile, "Can I touch it?"
3. This missile lineup was for me.  I can't express my feelings very well when I see these weapons of destruction.  I tried on a different blog post here.
4. Zane got the string between these balls stuck in the wires of my egg separator.  My first reaction was to grab it and take it out.  I restrained myself, and let him figure it out.  He did.  He wound the string through the spiral and there it was!
5. I just love to watch these boys play with toys my own kids played with.
6. And Christian is just plain cute.  That is worth a photo any day.
7. Mom. Coming back again to do corn.  We couldn't do all we had to do without her.  She likes to read when she relaxed.  Like mother, like daughter.
8. This is the next day's result of the hail we had in the night.  It broke the squash vines, bruised the tomatoes, and the winds blew down the corn we were ready to put up.  That just made it harder to pick, it didn't hurt it.
9. One load of corn, 36 doz.
10. The night of the hail, we crowded three little cars in the garage.
11. Blue-goose pie.
12. Obviously putting up 132 pints of sweet corn wasn't enough work for my mom.  We did 5 buckets of apples the next day into sauce. 
13. I love glads.
14. My daughter is an amazing artist.  Or, have I said that already?
15. And MORE pickles. This might have been the day I went insane in the garden and pulled up all the cucumber vines but two.
16. I love squash sliced length wise, oiled, and sprinkled with seasoned salt and garlic powder, then broiled.  Yum.
17. Another storm rolling in.  More rain and hail, .55"
18. I got a new mixer.  The one I had wasn't working properly.  This is the fourth Oster kitchen center I've had.  I have all these attachment that I use, especially during canning season and to replace it, it will take four different appliances.  So, as long as I can keep finding them on eBay I will use them. 
19. We have been working most of the month gathering the things Lynette needs to go to college.  She was organized and efficient and all she had fit in the back of out PT (without the back seats).
20. Moving out day, and moving in day.  Lynette is also an awesome decorator.
21. The note on my white board.  Lynette: "See ya later 300 Northview Drive!" Me: "You'll be back--this is still home."
22. I like to see if I can peel an apple in one long strip.  Some times I can.
23. Beautiful apples.  It is so fun to reach up in among the branches of your very own tree and pick apples.


Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned how much I like your method of simple blogging? I really do!! Maxine

Renee said...

I love your picture a day collages! I also like your style of writing AND I must try squash that sounds delicious!!