Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Apples to Apples

We have a bumper crop of apples this year.  Our yellow summer apples have been picked and processed and we are nearing the end of our production season with the later red apples.  The problem is we have had SO MANY apples.  
These apples are large, beautiful and delicious. 
And for some reason, Christian wants one every time he sees one.  He holds it and nibbles away until it is gone.  That's cute enough in itself, but there seriously is nothing so cute as this little guy with his toddling steps, light flying curls, and his irresistible smile. 
It's another one of those "my heart hurts" moments.  I wish these days could last and last.  
Since they can't, the photos must do.

On another note.  
In a recent visit, Barry took it in his head to sit on the back of the couch and look out the window.  Zane was up right after him.
Well, Christian didn't want to be left behind and with great effort he got himself up on the couch.  Then he began to try to climb up the back.  I'm not sure what he would have done had he got up there.  Likely fallen right down over the back.  It's been done before, just not by him yet.  He had to give up, but there he is looking out, too.

I'm not sure what they are seeing out there, but I liked this photo, too.  It's not much different, but two little brothers are looking at the big brother.  
This makes my heart hurt, too.  

They are mine, that's why.


Dan & Cyndie said...

precious...just precious!!!

Anita said...

I had those exact same feelings yesterday when I skimmed through some pix of my nieces and nephews. Xo

Renee said...